Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software Ltd, Created By: Stewart Cook,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: American Football Number Of Players: 1


Ever fanced yourself as Head Coach of an American Football Team. Well now is your chance to test your decision making and managerial skills with Endzone.

You are responsible for team selections, finances, and game tactics, in fact every element of running an American Football Club. Your aim is to take your team to the very top of the First Division and to win the ultimate football event, the Superbowl, while amassing as much wealth as you can along the way.

There will be 18 matches played in a season, and how your club plaus will be up to you.

The game itself operates through a series of menus and submenus for easy management.

You also have the choice to save and load your current game position to tape at any point after a match.

This is not only saves your players status, but the status and position of every team in the two divisions, thus extending your game after days, weeks or even months.


Hit shift/run stop keys together.