European Five-A-Side
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird, Designed By: Tim Closs, Coding By: Dave Kirby,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Enjoy a great game of Five-A-Side footy of your own room, by yourself against the computerm or against a friend. Look down on the ten players who kick, pass, lob and run around under your control, and when it comes to the crunch, let's hope you're quick enough with your goalie to stop the sneakie one popping in.

The game is played as normal Five-A-Side footy, from an aerial view. The computer selects the chap who is nearest the ball every few seconds and as flashing arrow points to the selection, and that is who you control (unless you have the ball).

Player 1 Joystick Port 1 or Keyboard Controls
[=] - Down
[}] - Left
[/] - Right

Player 2 Joystick Port 2 or Keyboard Controls
[Q] - UP
[A] - Down
[X] - Left
[C] - Right
[Z] - Kick

In "Alter Settings" mode (key 3 on menu), [SPACE] changes half time length, [Caps Shift] changes the colour of the pitch, and [RETURN] goes to the menu page.

How To Pass
Tap the kick button, and the ball will leave your control and go off in the direction you were facing at the speed you were going.

How To Lob
Press and hold the kick button, and the ball will sail high into the air in the direction you were facing.

How To Operate Your Goalies
If the ball is inside the 6 yard box, control passes automatically to your keeper, press fire and push direction in which you want him to dive. He will get up after a few moments, ready to dive again.