Exploding Fist +
Copyright/Publisher: Firebird/Beam Software, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Figthing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Aim of the game
The player must try to fight through all game skill-levels until he reaches game skill-level 10. There he must try to defend his position against harder, even more skilled opponents.

Starting the game
As soon as the game has loaded, the computer starts a demo game. From there you can start a "real" game like this:
[F1] : One player game.
[F3] : Two players game.

You can also start the game by pressing the fire button. Then the previously chosen mode (one or two players) starts.

Additional keys:
[F5] : Quit current mode.
[RUN/STOP] : Toggle paus mode on/off.

The one player game
Use a joystick in port two. You control the fighter dressed in white. You must try to complete a round either as the best fighter or as the second best one in order to reach the next round.

A round is over either if any player has got six lights or if the time is up. If the round ends in a draw, a deciding round takes place afterwards. You will be presented with a special round after completion of every round having an odd round-number (for example after round one, three, five, etc.).

The two players game
This game mode features two joystick controlled fighters and one computer controlled fighter. Player one uses a joystick in port two, player two uses a joystick in port one.

Just like in the one player game, here you have to try finishing a round either as the best fighter or as the second best one, if you want to reach the next round.

If any of the joystick controlled fighters fails to qualify for the next round, he will be replaced by another computer controlled fighter. The game then continues until also the other joystick controlled fighter fails to qualify for the next round.

If both joystick controlled fighters are still in the game when a special round is about to take place, they both get the chance of taking part in it.

How to score
Points are awarded for hitting an opponent. A precise hit against the corpus or the head of an opponent gains you two lights, a hit against another part of the opponentīs body only one.

If a player gets a vehement hit he falls down on the ground and remains unable to move as long as the little stars are cycling around his head. In the moment the stars disappear, you can make your fighter get up quickly by pressing the fire button or you can wait some more time until he gets up by himself.

How long your fighter remains laying on the ground unable to move depends on the vehemence of the hit he took. Hits like a "Flying Kick" or a "Roundhouse" are naturally more vehement than a simple hit against the opponentīs shin-bone.

The special round
After every round having an odd round-number there will be a special round for every joystick controlled player having survived the previous round. The aim of the special round is to throw knives at ninjas advancing upon you in a threatening manner.

Every time you successfully hit a ninja, you will gain 100 points. However, if a ninja comes too close to you, the special round is over. Move the joystick left and right to direct the hand and press the fire button to throw a knife.