FA Cup Football
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic Ltd/Virgin Games Ltd, Programmed By: Kerian UK Ltd,
Genre: Football/Soccer, Release Year: 1987, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

For the first time the Football Assoociation has given full endorsement to a computer game. Sportswriter Tony Williams has teamed with Virgin Games to produce the most realistic football simulation yet. It is based on true F.A. Cup form as you will see from the realistic results this games produces.

By a combination of strategic tactical decisions and good management you can lead your 10 teams to success. You can choose a local non-league team to be one of your 10, and with the help of in-built 'Giant-killers', you may even achieve a dream cup run!

Become Manager to 10 teams of your choice in this exciting simulation of the F.A. CUP Competition. Begin in the first round or alternatively go straight into the third round to face the might of the First and Second division clubs and battle to the CUP FINAL.

Authentic Cup Draws present cup ties in which real life form decides the winners; however you could just turn the tables and provide a result by making some tough managerial decisions and by a shrewd choice of tactics. You never know; your team may just be the next GIANT KILLERS.

All League Clubs in the competition have a home and away rating decided by:
- Their best performance in the competition.
- Their performances in the last ten years.
- Their past five home F.A. Cup results.
- Their past five away F.A. Cup results and their estimated away following.

These factors are also used for the Non-League clubs.

Start by typing the number of players (from 1-8); the computer also plays. Each player must type in two initials to identify him or her. Each player may then choose to add a team by typing in the name (DEL key corrects mistakes). Now select the 10 teams you wish to Manage. There are 124 teams, to see more teams press X. To select a team type in the number it is listed under (if 12 or under press ENTER).

You may choose to "Pass" at any stage, this means the computer will choose your remaining teams for you. The box in the top will remind you whose turn it is. Next you can choose to begin in Round 3, some of your teams will have been defeated in the first two rounds.

The next section is the Draw. The Red screen displays all that round's matches, your initials are displayed after your team. The game goes straight into Tactic Selection. You can choose A (defensive), B (balanced) or C (attacking).

The State of Play screen shows the Round's matches in progress, pressing X will show more matches. There is a clock in the upper left of the screen. Pressing the Spacebar will speed up the play and the goals will be updated when you release the Spacebar. The game will stop at full-time (there is no extra time) for you to study the results. Press Q to continue.

In the first three rounds play is uninterrupted, but by Round Four you must rethink your tactics at half-time. You can choose new tactics but they will not be printed on the screen, so the other players will not find out. In Round Five you must answer a question to test your managerial experience, and you will have to decide if you need to make substitutes at three/four time. These tests of your managerial expertise increase in the remaining three rounds.

The game continues Round by Round until it is time for the Final! After the Final is played the result will be displayed until any key is pressed. You may completely restart during play by pressing RUN/STOP and RESTORE together.

Hold down SHIFT key and press RUN/STOP. Then press PLAY on the tape player.

Thanks to Tony Williams Editor of "F.A. League Club Directory" and "F.A. Non-League Club Directory". Thanks to Adrian Titcomb, Glen Kirton and the two Davids at the F.A. Head Office, to Kerian UK Ltd for programming and to Ian Mathia for all his help.

Distributed by Mastertronic Ltd. under license from Virgin Games Ltd.