Football Champions
Copyright/Publisher: Cult Games, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Football Champions is a complex football management game. It revolves around a full league programme over a period of 38 weeks. The ultimate aim of the game is to win both the League Trophy and the FA Cup, thus achieving what only five other clubs have ever done - the Double.

By no means is it going to be easy, for there are 59 other managers all with the same goal in mind. Each with the ability to sign and sell players, if the moment is right.

Do not be tempted into buying the first player who comes along. A good squad is built by buying the right player at the right time.

In the match sequence, you will notice that some players are highlighted in yellow. This means that during the game, they were booked. Occasionally, a player will be highlighted in red. This means that he was sent off the field for breach of rules. If this happens to one of your players he will face an automatic 1-2 match ban.

At the end of each week you will be informed of: a) ifyou have any injuries, b) if any players are back from a ban or an injury, c) a player who has put in a transfer request with another club. There is a chance that any unhappy player will request a transfer from your club. You have an option of granting his wish or turning him down.

If you should turn down a players transfer request he will refuse to play for you until either: 1) you sell him or 2) the new season begins.

Each player in your squad has five statistics:- skill, disciplinary points, injuries, goals, career goals.

If a player should reach 21 disciplinary points he will be suspended for two matches. If a player should sustain an injury, he wil not get better unless you buy a physio, who begins steady treatment.

You can train players on a number of individual skills, these being dribbling, shooting, passing, handling and tackling. You need a coach to do extra training.

On the other club's page (if you have a scout employed), next to the player's name will be his current value. This will go up and down as he plays.

The form table is a statistics page to show how the club has performed in their last four home and last four away games. This page is available for every club in the league and is constantly updated. W for win, L for lose, X for a score draw and D for draw. Results page shows your current club's results and fixtures under your management for rhe current season.

You can print any page (except match sequences), by pressing 'P' when prompted to continue.