Football Director 2
Copyright/Publisher: D & H Games, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


9i 900,000 - 1,300,000
9 650,000 - 850,000
8 500,000 - 650,000
7 350,000 - 500,000
6 250,000 - 350,000
5 150,000 - 220,000
4 90,000 - 130,000
3 35,000 - 65,000
2 10,000 - 25,000
1 5,000 - 15,000


1 CONTRACTS: Most players will sign on for at least a season but older players will sign on for a longer period.

2 WAGES: Range between 70 and 2,000 depending on a players skill, although if you intend attracting players from higher divisions to your club you may have to pay more.

3 SIGNING ON FEES: Range between 300 and 10,000 depending on skill and division, although if you are signing a player from a club in a higher division than yours you may have to pay more.


1. To select the option you want press the first letter of the option on any menu.

2. To sell a player press T on the team page then watch for approaches from other teams every week on the offers and negotiations page.

3. To buy players obtain a scout from the employees page on the additional menu then go to the scouts page on the main menu and set your scouts to look at a team and player. Then every week look at the offers and negotiations page until a player appears.

4. Every week check your scouts are still looking at players otherwise it means they cannot find the player you want in that team.

5. You only have five saves per season. This is displayed as the second inversed number on the save option. Follow the instructions on saving carefully.

6. To change a player over use the C key on the team page.

7. To change a players field position from eg. a defender to a midfielder use the F key on the team page

8. The temper rating is an indication as to how hard a player plays. The higher the temper rating the more chance of injuries or sending offs. The lower the rating the more chance of being intimidated by the opposition.

9. You cannot have a youth team or do extra training without a coach. Extra training is only extra training, it is taken during the game that players do train every week. Which is why sometimes you get injuries during the weekly news. It is unadvisable to extra train every week.

10. Do not sell too many shares or you may get the sack.

11. The Government charges a 33% tax on player transfers.

12. The gate money is divided equally between the two clubs.

13. The league is calculated every Saturday and not after midweek games.

14. To print out any page press the P or Q key.

15. Goalscorers league only comes up after 20 league games.

16. You cannot run a club in the non-league or abroad, altough they do participate in the cups.

17. Do not go the directors to ask for money if you already have a lot of money in your bank account.

18. Insurance is against individual player injuries, so you will be paid his wages for each week of his injury.

19. Ground improvements are only made once to bring you up to first division standard. Some clubs in the first and second divisions will have already done this.

20. European tours are only done at the end of a season if you are in the first division, between 6th and 17th in the league, and you happen to be asked (which is rare). European Cups are played during the next season if you qualify. To qualify for the European Cup you must win the first division, for the UEFA Cup be in the top 5 in the first division. For the Cup Winners Cup, you have to win either the league or FA Cup. You can only play in one European Cup per season.

21. If you press play on the menu page and it goes back to the menu, it means your contract has expired or you have been sacked. You will have to either re-negotiate your contract with your club, which is on the R key or join another club, which will be on the offers and negotiation page. Sacking can be for a variety of reasons :- no money, too few players, bad results, selling too many shares or anything else the directors feel like.

22. You don't have to play with a full eleven squad. If you have a space in your team, it assumes you are playing with a zero rated player, who has no selling value which is why he is not shown.

NOTE: The trick to Football Director II is to be very careful with the clubs money and build up a good youth team. Try and rely on your youth team for new players by only buying very occasionally from other clubs.

WARNING: The levels in the game are supposed to move, if you buy far too good players for your division. Try to work out a system to stay on the easy level with a reasonably good team (it is possible).

G = Goalkeeper
D = Defender
M = Midfielder
A = Attacker
iL = Internationals
S = Suspended
+- = Current state
* = On loan to you
27 = Goals against
P = Position
PLD = Played
RND = Round
LC = League Cup
FA = FA Cup
LFE = Various cups
# = Injured
L = Loaned out
R = Retiring (or replay on the cup results)
LMTG = League matches to go