Football Manager 2 - Expansion Kit
Copyright/Publisher: Addictive Games, Created by: Kevin Toms,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

This program allows you to create and modify saved games for Football Manager 2. You can include your favourite teams and players, start in any division you like, create a new league to play in, or even try the supplied European/World league.

You can modify your latest Football Manager 2 saved game to your own custom set up as you wish. You can design a new playing strip for your team. You can even modify the points for win or draw in a newly saved game. Many other features are included.

Make sure you have a blank formatted disk, or blank C60 tape - wound past the leader!

NB. Do NOT use your expansion kit disk/tape to save data onto. This program also contains pre-saved international league games. See the main instructions for use.

1. Load the expansion kit (loading instructions as Football Manager 2).

2. Follow on-screen instructions to change the features you want to.

3. Select Save Game option.
4. Reply Yes (Y) to the on-screen prompt.
5. Select a file number between 0 & 9, insert a blank disk/tape (press PLAY/RECORD) on your cassette recorder of you have a tape version) and press RETURN.

6. Reser (switch off/on) your computer. Load in your Football Manager 2 disk/tape and go to the management screen.

7. Select the 'Load a Saved Game' option. Select the same file number you used previously. Remove your Football Manager 2 disk/tape and insert the disk/tape you used to record data onto. Press FIRE/RETURN (you will need to press PLAY on your cassette recorder if you have a tape version), and the saved data will load in.

Loading Instructions for Expansion Kit
Disk: LOAD"*",8,1 now press RETURN.
Tape: Hold down SHIFT and press the RUN/STOP key.

1. Choose Option 1 on Menu 1.

2. Reply YES (Y) to on-screen prompt.

3. Press RETURN/FIRE (do not insert data disk/cassette at this point even if screen prompts you to).

4. Enter file number 0 for World Leagues, or 1 for European Leagues.

5. Press RETURN/FIRE and you will go back to the menu screen where you can make further changes if desired. SAVE THE DATA AS PREVIOUSLY DESCRIBED.

6. You will be assigned Nigeria or Zurich at the bottom of Division 4 unless you modify the information.

Press the number key of your choice. Note that when you are starting a new game or altering one from FM2 when no games have already bee played or using one of the supplied files you can use the Menu 2 options to choose your team, change the division or alter the points for a win or drawn match. When altering a game where a match has already been played this options is not available for you.

N.B. If you create a new saved game where Menu 2 options are available, you should always choose a team on Menu 2 and select your division. If you don't make those choices you will be playing as Scarborough in Division 4 by default.

Answer Yes or No. If you wish to load then you will be asked to insert a data disk or tape. When this has been done then press RETURN and you will be asked for the file number of the game you wish to load. When this has been entered then the game will be loaded and a message shows when loading is complete.

Answer Yes or No. If you wish to save then you will be asked to insert a data disk or tape. When this has been done then press RETURN and you will be asked whether you wish to use the Keyboard or Joystick when playing the game within Football Manager 2. Use the number key shown to enter your choice. (Note that after loading a saved game, FM2 will use Keyboard/Joystick dependingon what was set for the saved game, no matter what FM2 was set to when started up.)

You are then asked for the file number. As in Football Manager 2 you can use the numbers 0 - 9 giving you ten options. When you have entered your chosen number then saving will commence and a message will show when the save is complete.

Upon the screen you will see listed the teams in the top half of division 1. To step down through the top and bottom halves of the divisions you sue the FULL STOP KEY. To move up through the divisions ise the COMMA KEY.

You may alter the name of the current team indicated by the pointer on the left of the team list, by typing in the new name and then pressing the RETURN key. If you make a mistale during typing then delete as normal and carry on typing.

You cannot use a full stop or a comma in your team name for obvious reasons. When you have finished altering any team names the press the LEFT ARROW KEY key to return to Menu 1.

Upon the screen will be listed the names of all goalkeepers. Those that are in your team are as shown by the word SQUAD listed beside their names. To switch to defenders/ midfield players and attackers use the FULL STOP and COMMA KEYS as before. You can then type in your new player name in the same manner as when changing team names. You can of course alter those that are not in your squad as well as those that are.

The current name of cuo competition is shown and you are asked whether you wish to alter it. If not then just press the RETURN key otherwise type in the new name and press RETURN.

The second cup competition is then displayed for you to alter if you wish. If not then press RETURN and then the LEFT ARROW KEY.

The name sof the four sponsors are shown on the screen and you can either type in a new name and press the RETURN key or press the RETURN key only to accept the current name. When finished press the RETURN key to return to Menu 1.

Using the number keys to enter your choice in response to the options displayed on scren. The higher the number, the higher the height or length. Then press the ENTER key to return to Menu 1.

Again use the number keys to enter your choice of skill level and press the ENTER key to return to Menu 1.

The teams are listed together with their current shit colours. As usual you can switch between the divisions using the appropriate keys. When you wish to make a change in colour then press the C key. The border colour will change to show that you are in colour change mode.

You can now step through the alternative colours using the RETURN key. When you arrive at the colour you wish to use then press the LEFT ARROW key and you are back in Select mode to enable you to choose another team to change. When you wish to return to menu 1 then press the LEFT ARROW key.

(Menu 2 Option)
Cycle through the teams using the RETURN key and/or the FULL STOP or COMMA KEYS. When the team shown is the one you wish to choose the press the LEFT ARROW key or its alternativem and your choice is shown at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the RETURN key will the return you to Menu 2.

(Menu 2 Option)
Choose one of the divisions using the appropriate number key and you will then be asked what you wish your starting funds to be. You can enter a figure which must be within the min/max allowed otherwise it will be rejected. When the figure is accepted then press the RETURN key to return to Menu 2.

(Menu 2 Option)
Using the number keys you can decide how many points you wish to be awarded for a wind and a draw in the league. Press the RETURN key to return to Menu 2.

When choosing this option you will be given the choice of saving the current game. If you wish to save then press the Y key and follow the instructions in the Section on Using the Expansion Kit.

If you choose not to save then you will exit the program. Users with eight bit machines will return to basic.