Formula 1k
Copyright/Publisher: Andreas Gustafsson, Release Year: 2002, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1


This is a small racing game for the 2002 Minigame compo ( where the task is to write a 1k game for one of the good old 8-bit platforms.


Use joystick in port 2 to control your powerful Formula1k racer and try to keep it on the road. If the car touches the grass/trees it will be damaged, and once it takes to much damage it will explode and it's "Game Over"-time.

The faster you drive, the more points you score, but the track will narrow as time goes on, so be careful on when to floor it and when not to!


It's been a long while since I programmed anything for the C64, but making a 1k game seemed like an easy enough task. So I started flipping through my old "Programmer's Reference Guide" and tried to remember how things worked. As I started out I thought I would have plenty of space, so I didn't even try to code size-optimal, but I soon realised that 1k isn't all that much even on a C64!

In the end I had to go through the code several times to squeeze it down under 1024 bytes. The resulting game is not very good, crappy sound, and graphics that took about two minutes to make, but I had lots of fun while coding it atleast.


6502 Turbo Assembler by Taboo Productions. Sprite created in Sprite Editor by Lasse Öörni (thanks for the programming advice btw.!)

This was tested under VICE v1.9 and CCS64 v2.0beta. Unfortunately I couldn't try it on the 'real deal' (I need to get a link cable that works with my comp!)