Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Martech, Music By: Rob Hubbard, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1

What are you - man or mouse? This game will help you find out. To become a real strongman like Geoff Capes is not easy. Muscles that can roll a car onto its roof or hurl barrels onto a waiting truck don't just grow overnight. If you are hoping to match these feats, you are going to have to work hard during the training sessions. Even if you manage to build the sort of body equipped to cope with each of the six very difficult events, you will need skill and quick reactions to be successful.

Game Play (Read this carefully)
In STRONGMAN you will have to take control of Geoff's body as he tries to complete each different event. You will also have total responsibility for the general condition and fitness of Geoff's body, trying to make sure that it is able to cope with the high demands each event will make upon it, as well as having the stamina to get right through to the very end.

To help you do this Geoff's body has been divided into several different areas represented by MUSCLE ICONS. Each muscle area contains a gauge which will help you see how fit that area of muscle is and how much energy is available for use.

Different events will use different muscles to a greater or lesser extent. For example, the arm muscles may be especially important during the log chop.

At the beginning of each game level you will have a TRAINING SESSION. During training you can build up each muscle area ready for the six events to come. As you play the game you will discover which muscle areas are especially important and can make your training sessions more specialized, building up muscle where you know it is needed most.

If the gauge in any muscle area reaches zero, Geoff will collapse and you will have to start all over again.

The rate at which a muscle's energy is used up will depend not only on how quick and skilful you are, but also on how much EFFORT you decide to use. During most events you can adjust the effort being made by Geoff's body to anywhere between 0% and 100%.

The higher the effort, the easier it will become for you to successfully complete an event and move on, BUT everything has its price and that price is paid by Geoff's muscles. The greater the effort, the faster each muscle deteriorates and the faster and more difficult game play becomes.

In each event therefore, you will be hoping to find a good compromise between your skill during game play and how much muscle you can afford to use. Since any muscle not used can be carried forward to the next event, the more efficiently you complete each event, the further Geoff will be able to go.

After each event you will have a limited rest, period during which You can try to get Geoff's body ready for the next event.

If you manage to complete all six events, you will have a chance to re-train and then try each of the six events again. However, the further you go the harder each event will become to complete. Not all the strategy involved has been given to you in these instructions.


Training Session
At the start of each game each muscle is zero. Before you can build up these muscles you must train.

Training is achieved by moving the joystick left and right as many times as you can in 10 seconds. As you do this you will build up muscle which will be represented by a bar gauge on the screen. The further you can move this gauge, the more muscle you will have.

To start training, simply move the joystick left or right, then work as hard as you can.

If you are not a real strongman, simply press the fire button and you will automatically receive a default amount of muscle - but you will have no control over this and may be disappointed.

Having obtained some muscle you now have to allocate it to the different muscle areas. To do this use the joystick to move the arrow to the chosen muscle icon. Muscle will be transferred to that area of the body for as long as the fire button is depressed. Initially it's a good idea to build up each muscle area equally, but as you get used to the game, you will hopefully discover which muscles are more important and you can adjust your allocation accordingly. Remember, if any muscle area reaches zero, Geoff will collapse.

Rest Period
In between each event is a small rest period during which you can reallocate a small amount of muscle. The amount you receive may be dependent on your performance during training or previous events. You should try to allocate extra muscle to those areas which you think will be important in the next event.

EFFORT (Important)!
The effort being put into each event can be increased or decreased at any time simply by pressing the X or Z keys respectively. It is a good idea to choose a start setting for the effort before each event commences. To start each event press the fire button.

1. Truck Pull
In this event Geoff has to pull a truck over a measured distance inside a qualifying time.

To start the event press the fire button. Once the event has started a yellow light will indicate which muscle is needed. Move the arrow to that muscle icon as quickly as possible and press the fire button once. A green light will tell you that the muscle has been used correctly. A red light will indicate that you have used the wrong muscle.

Try to keep up with the yellow lights as they flash. If they get too far ahead you will find it very difficult to keep going.

As you increase the effort, the rate at which each muscle is called into use increases and therefore the speed which Geoff can pull the truck increases also. However, it will also be more difficult for you to keep up with the muscles movement and also the muscles will deteriorate more rapidly. To be efficient try to qualify just inside the qualifying time. It is easier to keep the truck moving than to start it moving from a stationary position.

2. Log Chop
Geoff has to chop through a log inside the qualifying time. The log contains some bits which are harder to chop than others. Soft wood needs only one chop to be cut out, but hard wood needs two chops and a knot needs three.

Press the fire button to start the axe moving and also every time you want to cut wood.

3. Barrel Loading
Geoff must try and load five barrels onto the back of a truck inside a qualifying time.

Move the joystick left or right as quickly as possible to move Geoff over to the barrels, then repeat the action to help him raise it onto his shoulder. Once the barrel is on his shoulder move the arrow to the muscle icon that is needed and press the fire button. Geoff will take a step. If you try to use the wrong muscle or fail to keep up with the muscles being used, Geoff will drop the barrel and will have to pick it up again. When Geoff reaches the truck press the fire button to get him to throw the barrel. If you do this too soon or too late he will drop the barrel and have to pick it up once again.

4. Car Roll
Geoff has to roll the car onto its roof inside a qualifying time.

The game play is similar in style to that used in the truck pull but with one important difference. If you start to do things wrong the car will begin to roll backwards towards you.

5. Fairground Bell
Move the joystick left and right as quickly as you can as the club is being released to increase the effort. As soon as all the muscles flash red, hit the fire button. The quicker you press the fire button, the better Geoff will do.

6. Sumo Wrestling
Geoff must try and push his opponent out of the ring inside a qualifying time. To do this involves timing and quick reactions. You must try to push the joystick to the right just before the two wrestlers move on the screen. If you time this movement correctly Geoff will push his opponent back one step. If you do not, Geoff will be pushed back.

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