Giger Pool
Copyright/Publisher: Digital Design, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Control: Joystick in port 1.
Press F1 in the start...then a menu will appear on the screen.

Following gameplays are possible:

1. Straight Pool:
In this mode you'll have to select which ball you want to shoot in one of the holes, then you'll have to select which hole to shoot the ball in.

2. Rotation:
In this mode the computer will choose which ball you shall shoot in a hole, you shoot one of the wrong balls in a hole you won't get any points. It doesn't matter which hole you use.

3. One Pocket:
In this mode you'll have to shoot all the balls in the same hole (pocket).

4. Hustler:
Here you'll get a certain amouth of shoots... (you start with 17). Each time you complete you lose a shoot on the next round (neat!)

5. Trick Shoot:
This one is really neat. You may place the balls where ever you want, but you only have one shoot to shoot the ball into the holes.

6. Set-Up:
Here you can change; shoot to win, friction and stuff...