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Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1


Welcome to the links! This is an 18-hole course of professional standard (course record is 2 under), so please replace divots and show courtesy to your fellow golfers.

Have a good round-see you at the 19th!!

What is your handicap? Difficulties at Golf
1. Hooking
2. Slicing
3. Poor Distance
4. Trap Shots
5. Putting
Your worst?

Selection of Clubs
Yardage - Clubs - No.
280-200 1-4 Woods 1-4
200-100 1-5 Irons 11-15
100-000 6-9 Irons 16-19

To FADE or DRAW the ball type F or D when asked.
To hit straight type RETURN *** WARNING *** Don't hit it too hard.