Golfer Arcade, The
Copyright/Publisher By: Loadstar/Softdisk Publishing, Inc., Programmed By:
James C. Hilty, Genre: Golf, Release Year: 1988, Number Of Players: 1


It is said that roaming the moors, fighting off mosquitoes and the relentless sun are all part of the most soothing sport in the world, golf. Since DDT has been banned in the U.S. (except, of course, by the World Wrestling Foundation), we can't do much about the mosquitoes. And since even the scientists are giving up on ozone holes and creeping kudzu it appears that the only thing for weekend duffers to do is practice at home on your C-64. Thanks to Jim Hilty's GOLFER ARCADE, your putting game is taken care of.

The idea is to make it through nine holes in as few putts as possible. Since this is a friendly game you can move your ball at your convenience by using the function keys. F3 moves left and F5 moves right. F1 selects the putting speed and F7 putts the ball.

But wait! A demented greenskeeper has used moving holes instead of the usual stationary ones. To make matters worse the zoo next door has such liberal lock-up policies that elephants, alligators and other golfophobic vermin seem to roam the greens at will. You'll have to allow for them getting in your way and stealing your ball.

Some holes are worth more than others so if you want to beat your opponents into the ground (and who doesn't?) you'll need to take your time and make your shots count.

Remember, when in doubt, take a Mulligan. That's what the Golden Bear would do.