Copyright/Publisher: Kerian UK Ltd, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


The St. Andrews Old Course golf program from Kerian (U.K.) Ltd. is a completely accurate reproduction of the famous St. Andrews course for the Commodore 64. The program caters for all handicaps, from novice through to professional and is simplicity itself to use!

In play you will be prompted for club, strength, angle etc., and after you have typed in the appropriate response, the computer will faithfully reproduce your shot. Holes in one are possible but it is a great challenge even to achieve par on the exciting course!

When entering your shot it is sometimes necessary to press RETURN, but more often than not simply typing in your requiremnt will be sufficient. Typing 'H' when you are prompted for your type of club will produce a list of clubs and the distances you may expect to hit the ball if you are playing off a handicap of nought.


To load St.Andrews press SHIFT and the RUN/STOP key simultaneously.


2 - 205
3 - 190
4 - 175
5 - 160
6 - 145
7 - 130
8 - 115
9 - 100
1 - 280
2 - 260
3 - 240
4 - 220
5 - 200


The putter will make the ball run for 40 yards.
Each shot may be given a percentage factor. E.G. a number 1 wood at 50% will make the ball travel 140 yards.