Copyright/Publisher By: Virgin Mastertronic/Software Creations,
Designed & Coded By: Andrew Routledge, Graphics By: Martin Holland,
Music By: Geoff Follin, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Shooting, Number Of Players: 1

Test your reactions and shooting skills in this totally animal-friendly challenge. It's the annual clayshooting contest at the Higgins and Higgins Country Club, and it's a contest with a difference. How many rounds can you survive?

They do things differently at the Higgins and Higgins Country Club. Not for their members the mindless slaughter of wildlife, not for them the organised massacre of half-tame pheasants or grouse. Feathered creatures are held sacred in the hallowed halls of H&H.

No, members of the venerable Higgins and Higgins Country Club test their sharpshooting skills and their reactions to sudden surprises in a different way altogether at their annual 'Goose Busters' shooting contest.

Over the years it has developed into a major event, packed with humour and attended by the top guns in the land.

This year, you've secured an invitation to compete.

The challenge is simple enough on the surface: each contestant has an unlimited supply of ammunition and competes against the clock in each round in order to qualify and move on to the next round, a contestant has to score a specified number of 'hits' within the time limit. As the contest progresses, the rounds get more and more difficult, and the contestants starts failing to qualify.

The last gun in, the person who does survive for the most rounds, is declared winner. According to tradition, this person is known as the 'Goose Buster' for the following year.

When the members of the club first decided to go shooting, their championship took the form of a straightforward clay pigeon shoot. Clay busting, the took the form of a straightforward clay pigeon shoot.

Clay busting, the members decided, was much more fun than animal splattering. As the years went on, the stewards of the shoot became more inventive, launching additional targets from time to time to surprise members.

This year, the 'Goose Busters' contest is really special. The stewards have obtained a supply of helium-filled balloons and have made some anarchist-style fizzing bombs to launch in the air along with the more mundane clays.

For a change, standing targets have also been introduced to give a flavour of the shooting range. And the stewards have excelled themselves with their 'piece de resistance', as the French say.

It really captures the spirit of the Goose Busters shoot-you see the stewards have spent most of the year building a flock of radio-controlled geese!

So there's plenty of variety in the skies at this year Goose Busters shoot. Clays, balloons and standing targets all count as 'a hit', if you down them with a well-aimed shot. But beware the surprise bombs, and whatever you do, don't blast away at the mechanical geese. - shppt a bomb or a goose by mistake, and 'a hit' is removed from your tally.

Look and think before you pull the trigger keep blasting away and - with luck - you could end up as Goose Buster!