Grand Prix Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

AMAZING PLAYABILITY!! - features a very compatitive two player option. 14 cunningly devised circuits - under bridges - through oil patches - power sliding around corners - trying to beat the other drivers and the lap record!

Music by David Whittaker

No amount of screen shots or description can explain to you the best aspect of this game - the sheer enjoyment you get from racing, wheel to wheel, round the track against another player and the computer drone car.

- Absolutely brilliant playability.
The graphics are superbly drawn. Each of the 14 tracks has been carefully planned to test your abilities to the full. The speech synthesis, music and sound effects also add to the atmosphere, giving this game long lasting appeal.

Press [SPACE] to go to controls screen. Then press SPACE repeatedly until the desired combination of keys or joysticks is shown. Then press Return.

Press [1] or [2] to start a 1 or 2 player race. Tap Restore to quit and start again.

You can exit a game by pressing [F1].

RED CAR - Player 1
BROWN CAR - Player 2
PURPLE CAR - Drone, driven by the computer

Each race is three laps, if one of the players finishes last or does not complete the race then he is out of the competition.
Collect the tools for BONUS points.

JOHNNY DUMFRIES is recognised as one of Britain's brightest new stars in Grand Prix Racing. His career path leading up to the high technology word of Grand Prix racing has followed the classic route of so many of the world's top racing drivers.

Starting in 10cc Karts in 1980, he quickly graduated to Formula Three in 1983. The following year with backing from British Petroleum he totally dominated the Marlboro British Formula Three Championship, taking the title with ten wins and in addition finishing runner up in the European Championship.

The Beginning of 1985 brought an offer from Ferrari. It was Ferrari who persuaded Dumfries to sign an exclusive testing contract for the factory Formula One team, the first British driver to sign a contract sinve 1968.

1986 saw Dumfries invited to join Ayrton Senna in the prestigous John Player Special Team Lotus line up for his first full Grand Prix season.

John's love of motor racing extends beyon the track. His official verdict on Code Masters Grand Prix Simulator is that it's an exciting and fun simulator - and being the expert, he should know!

Music by David Whittaker
Program by Adrian Sheppard
Design & Artwork - Nigel Fletcher

Made in England
This program including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd. and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted, or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of Codemasters Software Ltd.