Grand Prix Simulator 2
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Music By: Steve Barrett,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 to 3

BRILLIANTLY REALISTIC! 3 can play simultaneously! POWERSLIDE round hairpins -CAREFUL! Don't spin it! SMASH your mate into a TREE but don't damage your own car! C'mon - hurry up! PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL!!!

Press [SPACE] or [FIRE] to start the game.

Press [X] to pause during play, and again to restart the game.

Press [R] on the pits screen to see an action replay of the last race.

Any time that you have left over after finishing a race will be carried thru into the next race. You will need to take advantage of this because the time limits on some of the later tracks are very tight.

Crashes are registered on your damage meter (On the screen next to your countdown timer). Your car's performance will suffer as it gets more damaged.

There's a lap counter under each player's damage meter at the top of the screen, so you know how far you must race.

* Crashing your car damages it as well as slowing you down - you'll lose valuable seconds.

* Remember to use your brakes!

* Taking the right line into a corner gives you a much better chance of getting through it

* Race hard because you'll need to save up your bonus time for the later tracks

* You'll be given a percentage score when you get to the pits - this tells you how far thru the game you are.