Copyright/Publisher By: Virgin Mastertronic, Produced By: Software Creations, Programmed By: Martin Howarth, Graphics By: Martin Holland, Music By: Geoff Follin, Genre: Shooting, Release Year: 1990, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Show off your gunslingin' skills in this Wild West extravaganza. Sharpen up with a spot of target practice, blow away a few baddies down the corral, then fight a running gun battle with the hoodlums holed up in the saloon.


It's a real rootin'shootin' time down in Badlands City. You've just been made up to Marshal, and you wear your badge with pride. 'Pride's not enough to survive in the Wild West, me noy', as your old pappy used to say, and sure as doggone it he was right.

To keep control of a real bad town, you need to be a real mean shot. And learnin' to shoot don't come easy. Practise and more practise is needed if you're going to keep outshooting the bandits. Loose your cool, and it's a short trip in a pine box up Cemetary Hill...


You get two chances to get your eye in and your gun warm before moseying into town to sort out a spot of trouble at the saloon. There's plenty of points to collect, and level after level of shootn' action to keep you goin'.

First off, it's down to the corral with a box of bullets and some life-size spinning targets to get in the mood for what comes later. Blast away as fast as you like, but bear in mind that the real points are picked up once you've cleared 50 targets.

The number of bullets remaining in your box is multiplied by 100 times the number of level you're on - and that can add up to a tidy pocketful of points.

Once you've honed your reactions in the corral, it's time to step indoors for a spot of target practise in the log cabin range. With a box of new bullets by your side, you blast away at ten targets until you've racked up another 50 hits.

Pause a whileto pick up that bonus, then mosey on down the High Street where you hear there's a spot of real trouble.

The infamous Ludlow Boys are in town, and they've holed up in the Badlands City Saloon. Cursin' the magistrates for allowing all-day opening, you start the serious task of cleaning up. But the boys aren't going to come quietly - it's you or them as far as they're concerned, and whatever happens the town undertaker looks set to have a real busy week of it.

Nine windows look out onto the street, and the boys keep popping up behind the curtains, to take pot shots at the towns-folk. It's your job to put a stop to their antics, so with your trusty box of bullets and a warm gun you start blazing away.

When you've arranged for 50 of the undertakers pine boxes to be filled, the level ends. Collect another bonus score based on the bullets you have remaining and the whole cycle begins all over again - only this time you haven't got so many bullets...