Head On
Copyright/Publisher: Computermat, Release Year: 1982, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

The object of the game is to get all of the dots before the enemy car gets you.

The enemy will always travel clockwise, whereas you will always travel counter-clockwise.

You can use these keys to change lanes in order to avoid the enemy car:
The A key will move you UP one lane.
The Z key will move you DOWN one lane.
The > key will move you LEFT one lane.
The ? key will move you RIGHT one lane.

If you hit the proper direction twice before a double slot you will move two lanes in that direction.

Select a difficulty level to start. After a crash hit a key to continue or hit the stop key to start over.

For joystick control use Port 2. The joystick will work very similar to the keyboard.

If you want to move two lanes you must push a direction twice.

After a crash push any direction to continue, or push the fire button to restart.

When selecting a difficulty level push up to raise the level and down to lower it. Push fire when level is correct.