Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Programming By: Roy Gibson, Artworx By: Steve Cain, Martin Calvert & Simon Butler,
Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1986,Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

There can be only one Victor in this timeless battle. Become a master swordsman or perish as your foes grow more skillful and you finally encounter the might Kurgen in this contest for immortality.

The Game
Battle through time, develop the skills of sword play and learn from Ramirez, your first opponent, the arts of defence and attack, timing and position. When you have defeated him move in time to the present and encounter Fizir, an ancient and more skillful opponent in modern day New York. Here you must hone your skills and sharpen your reactions for upon his demise you reach the final battle with the mighty Kurgen. High above the city streets on a deserted rooftop the last act of this deadly quest is fought. A dual which can only be won by supreme exponant.

Energy is the key to the game - when it runs out you're dead! it is expended when you recieve a blow or when you are unsuccessful in attack - So you win by a combination of skillful attacking and prudent defence. As you learn the different attack sequences you will develop the strategy which enables both objectives to be achieved. The energy is recharged at a constant rate but recovery is slower than depletion so keep a watchful eye on the level and if it reaches the red band back off quickly and defend until your strength builds up for another attack.

Sound Identify the different sounds made by your sword and your opponents landing a successful attack and contrast these with the sound of a defence. This is best achieved in demo-mode and will be a great help to skillful play.

Vary Attacks
Mix your attacks and defences; using the same sequence each time allows your opponent to pick a winning response (this is especially true in playing against the computer). The cut-down blow to the head can prove devastating and win the duel outright but successfully defended can knock you down and be equally damaging to the attacker so try to achieve the element of surprise.

Always fight away from the edges of the playfield for as you become pinned down against the sides it is impossible to execute some of the strokes and of course backing off for a "breater" is out!

The achieve maximum effectiveness the range of different strokes must be judged precisely, the "lunge" against the "cut" is a trade off between effect and risk, skill in making accurate assessment being vital to success.

There are three main stages in the game, where skills acquired in completion are necessary to have any chance with the next opponent. Each stage is loaded in memory separately (see important note) but the increasing difficulty has been chosen to enhance your ability at each level.

The strategy required to complete each stage is different, even if you have become expert by defeating Ramirez and Fizir the mighty Kurgen cannot be beaten by strength alone, strategy must be employed to turn his power against himself. Swordplay is a balance of risk and reward, a co-ordination of the senses of sound and vision, to triumph you must be brave... and careful!

Your status and that of your opponent are energy bars at the bottom of the screen. Each bar is divided into three segments.

Green - Plenty of energy, attack at will.
Yellow - Some vitality has been lost. Proceed with caution.
Red - Reserves dangerously low. Take a breater or run away to battle again later.

The control of your player and the development of swordplaying skill is crucial to the enjoyment of the game. It is worthwhile watching the demo mode and then practicing the moves against Ramirez (stage 1) in order to put together attack sequences and defence strategies. The instructions may seem complicated at first but it will soon be apparent that the sophistication of movement gives animation of the highest order and provides stimulating and exciting play.

JOYSTICK - while kneeling - button not pressed
[UP] - Stand

JOYSTICK - while kneeling - button pressed
[UP] - Defend Head
[UP + RIGHT] - Cut Body
[RIGHT] - Thrust Body
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Thrust Legs
[DOWN] - Defend Feet
[LEFT] - Defend Neck

JOYSTICK - while standing - button not pressed
[LEFT] - Walk Back
[RIGHT] - Walk Forward
[DOWN] - Kneel

JOYSTICK - while standing - button pressed
[UP] - Cut Down
[UP + RIGHT] - Cut At Neck
[RIGHT] - Cut At Body
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Thrust At Neck
[DOWN] - Thrust At Body
[DOWN + LEFT] - Thrust At Feet
[LEFT] - Defend Body
[LEFT + UP] - Defend Head

Important Note
Highlander has three difficuly levels, which have to be loaded independently. This means that there are three different parts to be loaded.

Produced by D.C. Ward (c) 1986 Ocean Software Limited
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