Hole In One Golf
Copyright/Publisher: Artworx, Programmed By: Walter D. La Croix,
Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Instructions on how to create your own course

Course creator enables you to create your own 18 hole golf course and save it on a disk. courses can be altered anytime you want to change them.

There are a few simple rules you should follow to assure that your course will run properly.

1. Never position sand traps or the green so they are touching each other.

2. For better visibility place the green on the fairway or over water.

3. Don't place the sand traps or the green over trees.

4. After creating each hole make sure you have entered the par for the course, placed the tee off spot, and have placed the green.

After loading the program follow the instructions to set up the program. At the outset of the program you will have control of the black square cursor.

Move the cursor by using the joystick. You are now in cursor movement mode. Pressing the action button will then turn the square white. This means that your are now in changing mode.

This enables you to change that square to whatever shape you want. There are 228 different basic shapes.

The number of the shape currently in the square is printed in white in the upper left corner of the screen. This number only appears when you are in changing mode.

The contents of these shapes are arranged in a logical manner. You can view these basic shapes from the main program.

The chart below gives you a rough idea of how the shapes are arranged.

0 - Blank
1 - Solid square
2-207 - Shapes for fairway & water
208-211 - Tee off spots
212-227 Tree combinations

To change the shapes you use the joystick. This enables you to scan through all 228 shapes quickly. The chart below shows you the direction to move the stick to change the number of the shape.

UP - Adds 1 to number
DOWN - Subtracts 1 from number
UP&LEFT - Adds 5 to number
DOWN&LEFT - Subtracts 5 from number
UP&RIGHT - Adds 10 to number
DOWN&RIGHT Subtracts 10 from number

There are 3 modes for each of the shapes. Mode 1 is the normal mode, in this mode the shapes appear normally.

In mode 2 trees are added to most of the shapes. In mode 3 water and fairway shapes are combined. This enables you to put water close to the fairway.

The mode number is displayed in black just to the left of the shape number.

To change the mode move the stick to the right.

The color of shapes 1 to 207 can be changed to blue (for water), or to dark green (for the fairway).

To change the color move the joystick to the left. In mode 3 the basic shape will be the color you have picked. The added shape will be the opposite color.

Once you have the shape you want press the action button to place it in that square. The cursor will then turn black and you will be in cursor movement mode. You will then be able to pick a new square to change.

There are also letter along the top edge of the course. These letters signifiy different things. To use these move the cursor over the one you want and press the action button. You will then be able to do what that letter stands for.

Below is an explanation of what each one of these will do.

This is used to save the course you are working on. once picked you will be asked to enter yourname. After that you will then be asked to enter the name of the course. Both your name and the name of the course must be more then 5 characters and less then 37 characters.
After entering those you will be asked to enter the file name for the course. This should not exceed 13 characters.

This enables you to change the hole you are currently working on. The number of the hole is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Move the joystick forward to make the number go higher. Move the joystick back to make the number go lower. Press the action button when you have selected the hole you want.

This enables you to view the hole you have selected. You should note that when you are viewing a hole the green and the sand traps will appear as a solid square. This is because the shapes of these change every time you play the course.

This will clear the hole you ]are working on. Don't use this unless you want to completely clear that hole of everything.

This enables you to possition the sand traps, green, and tee off spots. You can also enter the par for that hole.

Use the joystick to select what you want to change. Move the joystick either forward or back.

As you go through these selections what is being selected will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. If you have picked, one of the sand traps, the green, or the tee off position, and it is currently visible on the screen, then it will turn black.

This is especially helpful when there are more than one sand trap visible on the screen.

Press the action button when you have decided what you want to do. After pressing the action button you can move the objects with the joystick. You can move them up, down, left, or right. You can not move them diagonally.

Once the object is where you want press the action button. This will place that object where it is. The cursor will reappear around the GS. You will then be i cursor movement mode.

If you have picked to enter the par for the hole, the word par will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. The par will start out at 3. This can be changed using the joystick. The par can be changed to 3, 4, or 5. Once you have decided press the action button. The cursor will reappear around the GS. You will then be in cursor movement mode.

This concludes the tutor.