Hole In One
Copyright/Publisher: MAD (Mastertronic Added Dimension), Written By:
Phase Two Release Year: 1986, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Tee shots. Approach shots. Putt shots. Full perspective fairway...gives a complete experience of top class tournament golf with all the skills, all the thrills and all the tension.

You are in total control with: Full choice of 14 clubs; woods and irons. Touch sensitive joystick club control, indicators for Wind Speed & Tilt on greens.

Plus: 3D perspective graphics, two player option, all major hazards, running stroke tally.

...it knocks other golf games into the rough!

Player 1: Joystick in port 2 or keys L, P and Space to fire.

Player 2: Joystick only in port 1.

Select club using P and L keys or joystick (backwards and forwards) then press SPACE or FIRE.

Select direction of shot by moving cross with P and L or joystick then press SPACE or FIRE.

L or pulling back on joystick controls the backswing - the longer it is held the higher the backswing. P or pushing forward on the joystick controls the main swing. The amount of pause between releasing L and pressing P affects the amount of 'Hook' or 'Slice'.

When shot is complete, press SPACE or FIRE.
When the ball is approximately 12 yards from the hole and on the green a separate overlayed display shows a bird's eye view of the green. Line up the arrow taking into account the slope of the green and proceed as before.

Hold down SHIFT and press RUN/STOP.