Hot Shot
Copyright/Publisher: Addictive Games/Maxwell Technology,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

HOTSHOT is a futuristic sports simulation, in which you must (as usual) beat your opponent. This is done by using your Graviton Gun to attract a deadly plasma ball, and firing it at a variety of pinball-style bumpers and blocks.

Press FIRE on your joystick to attract the ball (release to let it go - you cannot hold the ball too long or it will blow you up), but be careful, if it hits any part of you beside the end of your Graviton Gun, you will be destroyed.

HINT: Use your Graviton Gun to affect the flight of the ball.

When holding the ball or trying to attract it, the directions of the joystick set the direction the gun points.

When not pressing FIRE, you can run (or bounce) left and right by moving the joystick LEFT or RIGHT. Pulling it down will make you duck.

There are five characters, each with slightly different playing characteristics.

There are five levels in HOTSHOT, with a bonus level between each. You must score the required number of points at each level to progress to the next.

Score 1000 points to go to the bonus level, and get your score up to 4000 points to progress.

Fire the ball up the chutes at the side of the arena to get it above the bricks. In this level you have unlimited lives, you are competing against the clock and your opponent.

Get your ball into the plasma-re-energization point in the middle of the bonus screen to score mega-points.

Limited lives in this level but no time limit. Score as many points as possible - get up to 15000 for the bonus level, and reach 20000 to progress.

Hit pins and bricks to score. Reach 40000 points to get to the bonus level, then get to 50000 to progress. Compete against the clock and your opponent.

The principle is the same here, except your aim is to electrocte your opponent. Raise the electric terminals in your opponent's half of the arena by destroying bricks to your right, lower your own by destroying bricks to your left, switch the electric current off or on by hitting the yellow bumper.

Score points by destroying your opponent, which shifts his half of the arena closer to a mysterious black-hole, which will suck him to his doom and you, well you ...