Hot Wheels
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx Inc. & Mattel Inc., Developed By: A. Eddy Goldfarb &
Associates, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

What could be more fun than playing with HOT WHEELS vehicles in a true-to-life city? How about fixing them at the garage or crashing 'em up in a demolition derby?

Now, though the magic of the computer, you can even play with HOT WHEELS vehicles that you design and build yourself. With the HOT WHEELS Computer Activity Toy, the action comes to life right on your computer screen, in animated cartoons that you control.

Everything you need is included, from a selection of your favourite HOT WHEELS to a set of colourful play scenes and a HOT WHEELS assembly line. You can customise your vehicle at the assembly line, choosing the parts yourself!

You can also choose ready-made vehicle; a fire enginge, a classic coupe or a hot sports car. Step on the gas and listen to your engine roar, then race through the city in search of adventure. Pull into a play scene and control the action as it unfolds right before your eyes!

Choose your vehicle from Existing Selection or Design Your Own.

Drive your HOT WHEELS Vehicle through the City and Complete Real-Life Activities.

Use your Vehicle for Eight Different and Challenging Activities.

Joystick Controlled.
One Player.

"Pick any car in the showroom. It's yours. Want moree choices? Walk right through the door to the Factory and build yourself a brand new model.

What's your favourite color? This way to the Paint Shop, to give your new HOT WHEELS(tm) vehicle the color of your choice.

"Now drive down the street to the Demolition Derby to find out how well you REALLY drive. Have all the fun you want, but don't wreck your car!

"Your car's covered with dust! Better drive to the Car Wash to get cleaned up. There's nothing wrong with this car a little soap and water won't fix.

"Park that shiny clean car in the Parking Garage. There's a space on the second floor.

"The nearest Gas Station's on the other side of town. Drive down the Expressway. When you get off the highway, look for a Tune-Up Shop and an Oil Change Station. The Gas Station's just down the block.

"Look out! There's a house on fire! See the flames at the windows? to the Fire Station and borrow a fire truck. Now get back FAST to put it out!

Whew! Who said this was going to be a quiet little drive?"

Choose your HOT WHEELS vehicle from the Showroom, or visit the Factory to custombuild a special car. Paint your car any color.

Test your driving skills against other cars and drivers in the Demolition Derby.

Park in the Parking Garage. Drive through the Car Wash. Drive on the Expressway to another neighbourhood, then fill it up with gas, check the tires, and get a Tune-Up or Oil Change.

When you drive by the Fire Station, you can even boorow the fire engine to put out a fire!

* Set your Commodore 64/128(tm) as shown in the Owner's Manual.

* Plug your joystick into PORT#2. For two players (Demolition Derby only) plug a second joystick into PORT#1.

* Turn the computer and disk drive ON.

* Insert your HOT WHEELS program disk into the disk drive, label facing up, oval cutout pointing toward the back.

* Type LOAD"*",8,1 and press the RETURN key.

Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder and the game will load.
Follow screen prompts.

While the program is loading, the HOT WHEELS title screen and music come on. When the red light on the disk drive goes out, press the FIRe button to go the the Showroom.

To choose one of the Showroom cars, move the man next to the car you want to drive and press the FIRE button.

(Cassette: this option is only available at the start of the game).

To build your own new ar, go through the Factory door. Factory cars are made up of three parts - the front end, passenger section, and back end. Combine three different car parts to design your own custom car model.

* To choose any piece on the top rail, move the cursor on top of it, and press the FIRE button to take it off the rail. Then move it to your car and press the FIRE button to put it on. The sliding scale at the bottom of the screen will help you line up the pieces.

* Use the left and right arrows to move the parts left or right. Keep the cursor on the arrow and the FIRE button pressed.

* You can put parts back on the rail before you press the FIRE button again.

* You must choose a part for the car, then press the FIRE button with the cursor on the DONE arrow to go to the next selection.

* Once you've built your own Factory car, it automatically replaces the car you have chosen or are driving.

The next stop for your new HO WHEELS vehicle is the PAINT SHOP. What color do you want to paint your new car?

To choose a new paint color for your car

* Put the cursor on any paint can, then press the FIRE button.

* Now, move the can down to the car, and keep pressing the FIRE button.

Your car will be covered with new paint clouds.

The whole car must be covered with new paint before the color can be changed.

To fill the can, move the can back onto the shelf and press the FIRE button. To change to another color, just repeat the Paint Shop steps and paint your car a new color.

If you want to keep the color of your car the way it is, just put the cursor on the DONE arrow, then press the FIRE button. Now you're outside of the showroom, and ready to drive your car on the street.

Real-life sounds add to the fun of driving your HOT WHEELS vehicle.

TO HONK THE HORN: Press the FIRE button on your joystick.

TO MAKE THE TIRES SQUEAL: Stop your car suddenly, or change directions fast when your driving down the street.

How well can you drive? Find out in the HOT WHEELS Demolition Derby.

* For one player, your joystick, plugged into PORT#2, controls the red car. The other cars in the race are computer cars.

* For two players, the joystick in PORT#2 controls the red car.

Drive to the Demolition Derby entrance.
Stop the car under the PITS sign, and
press the FIRE button. The fun begins!

Try to stay in the middle of track. Move your joystick in all 4 directions to keep your car centred.

If you touch the side of the track, your car will be damaged and stop.

Push the FIRE button to back to up and avoid an accident or create one!

If you wreck a car, it turns grey.

Demolition Derby is like "bumper cars." How long can you last without wrecking your car? The Demolition Derby ends when you drive out or when all the cars are grey.

After driving the Demolition Derby, your car's probably a little dirty! To enter the CAR WASH, just drive into the left side of the Car Wash until your car stops at an angle. Use the joystick to position your car.

Press the FIRE button to start the Car Wash.

Watch your car go through the water, soap, brush, rinse and dry. Look at the red arrow at the bottom of the screen. The light turns from red to green when the car goes through each step.
Drive your car out of the Car Wash.

Note: The Fire Engine canot go through the Car Wash.

Drive your HOT WHEELS into the PARKING GARAGE.

Now drive onto the yellow platform and press the FIRE button.

To raise the car to the second level, press the FIRE button and push the joystick forward.

You can park your car on the second level and choose a new car. To choose a different car, move the joystick up and down to walk the parking attendant to the car you want. When he is between the white parking space lines in front of the car you want, press the FIRE button.

To lower the car to the ground, press the FIRE button and push the joystick down. Drive out of the Parking Garage.

Note: The Fire Engine is too big to enter the Parking Garage.

To explore another part of town, just take the EXPRESSWAY.

Drive the car up the entrance of the Expressway. Your car will drive along the Expressway in automatic drive.

Press the FIRe button to get off the Expressway after the side of the screen turns from grey to black. When you reach the next neighbourhood, (when it finishes loading from the disk) you'll automatically EXIT off the Expressway.

The car will be parked next to the entrance.

Drive the car into the GAS STATION. Park between the islands and the pumps. Press the FIRE button.

Walk Bob, the Gas Station attendant, to the nearest pump. Press the joystick up or press the FIRE button to get the gas pump and put it into the gas tank.

Press the FIRE button again to start the flow of gasoline. Watch your tank fill up on the gas gauge at the bottom of the screen. To put back the gas pump, push the joystick forward.

To check the pressure of a tire, press the FIRE button when the Gas Station attendant is near a tire. Walk the attendant back and through the door. Drive the car out of the Gas Station.

Drive your HOT WHEELS car into the TUNE-UP STATION under the sign that says CAUTION. Park on the yellow rack. Press the FIRE button.

Match the top wave form to the bottom wave form, under the CAUTION sign by moving the joystick up, down left and right.

When you think you have matched the top and bottom wave, press the FIRE button. If you're right, the two lights in the center will be green. If you're wrong one or both lights will be yellow. If you're not close the lights will be red.

Repear this - for each of the four cylinders of your car.

1. Drive the car to the right door of the FIRE STATION.
2. Press the FIRE button.
3. To open the door, press the FIRE button and push the joystick forward at the same time.
4. Drive the car into the Fire Station.
5. To close the door, press the FIRE button and pull the joystick back.

Now you're at the left door of the Fire Station. Open the door by pressing the FIRE button and pushing the joystick forward. Drive the fire truck out. Close the door by pressing the FIRE button and pushing the joystick down.

Drive to the house on fire. Press the FIRE button. Your water tanks will appear on the bottom of the screen.

To put out fire, aim the flashing target at each window where you see flames, and press the FIRE button.

Watch the water tanks at the bottom of the screen. See if you can save the building before the water is used up. When the water is allused up, the whole building will burn down!

Drive the fire truck back to the Fire Station and go into the left door. Do the reverse to get your car back.

Drive your car out of the Fire Station.

1. Drive your car into the OIL CHANGE STATION and stop on the left platform.
2. To raise the car, push the joystick forward.
3. Walk the mechanic out until he turns around.
4. Walk the mechanic to the right of the car until he turns around.
5. Press the FIRE button to start the flow of oil.
6. Watch the dip stick at the bottom of the screen to see how much oil is left in the car.
7. See how much oil is collected in the container at the bottom right corner of the screen.
8. Catch as much oil in your barrel as possible. If you accidentically spill oil on the ground the mechanic will slip.
9. When the oil stops, walk the mechanic to the RIGHT of the car until he turns around.
10. Press the FIRe button to refill the oil pan until the dip stick shows MAX.
11. Walk the mechanic back into the station through the door on the left.
12. To lower the car, pull the joystick back.

Once you've explored the town in your HOT WHEELS vehicle, you can drive to favourite places on both ends of the Expressway.

It's fun to take it easy and drive just to see the sights, with no particular destination in mind. When you pass a place you want to visit, you can just turn around and go right in!

To begin over at any time, just return to the Showroom.