Hyper Biker
Copyright/Publisher: PSS (Personal Software Services), Programming & Music By:
Tony Stoddart, Release Year: 1984/1988, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


Now you can experience all the thrills, spills and skills of BMX racing without leaving your commodore keyboard. Play on your own with up to 3 friends to beat each other and the qualifying times set by the computer. There are 6 different events but you must qualify on each to move on to the next. Track features include, table tops, whoop de doos, ramps, speed bumps, ditches and drop offs.

You have complete control of your pedals, handlebars and brakes so that you can jump, wheelie and really perform - but go easy or you'll end up eating dirt.


Enter names and game control options.
Use cursor keys to positions cursor.
Press enter for next line - next rider.
F1 to clear board - F7 to start game.

Pedal control instructions.
J/S-Sideways - Move joystick sideways to pedal. Lean back/forwards by pushing stick down/up. Brake using the fire key.

Joystick-Fire - To pedal use fire button. To brake move stick left or right. Lean back/forwards by pushing stick down/up.

Keyboard-F1 - To pedal use the space key. Brake using the F3 or F5 keys. Tilt back with F7. Forwards with F1.

First Event - Straight Race
Simply pedal as fast as possible! Qualify time must be beaten! Quicker time means greater points.