Hyper Sports
Copyright/Publisher: Imagine, Arcade: Konami/Centuri, Programmer: D.Collier,
Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Be only at your peak as you enter the HYPER SPORTS stadium to compete in six NEW exhausting events in this state of the art simulation - the officially endorsed version of the No.1 arcade game.

Continuing the challenge where 'Track and Field' left off.

Stunning actions tests all your skill and stamina - a real hit!

Terrific sound, brilliant graphics - you'll be hooked.

Left shift or ? - LEFT
Right shift or Z - RIGHT
Space bar - FIRE
Joystick - PORT 1 OR 2
Note: In the case of difficulty experienced in joystick control the keyboard controls may be used at any time during play, even if joystick has been used.

Pit your skills and agility against the computer and the clock - in order to progress to the next event you must qualify (ie achieve game - scoring hints are as follows and we would be interested to hear from any player with high marks (100,000 and up is good).

Wait for the starting gun - racing dive into the pool (by pressing the fire button). Your swimming speed is determined by continous left/right controls, but remember in order to swim you must breath so wait for the prompt and then press the fire button. If you breathe at the wrong time you'll swallow water and if you forget to breathe you'll gradually slow and stop.

Your opponents have different swimming skills and are controlled by the computer if you can beat them all you're on the way to becoming a true champion.

Computer controlled sights home in on the skeet and marksmanship depends on fast reaction on the left/right controls. Good shooting gives bonus skeets with higher points but as your shooting improves the rate hots up!

Two boxes are shown which move up and down the screen, acting as left and right sights for the appropriate barrels of your shotgun. Shoot as many of the clay pigeons that fly over by pressing either the left or right key as one passes through the correspoding sight. You have three separate attempts to qualify.

Now test your abilit as a gymnast - press the fire button to run the springboard, then again when you're on it - Now when you reach the hard stand position press it again to launch into the Somersaults (these are controlled by the left/right movememnt). The total score is made up on the distance you get up the springboard, the length of time on the horse, the number of Spins you can achieve and the perfection of your landing. Like the real event you must perform well right through for maximum marks!

The target moves accross your field of vision and you must judge wind speed and the angle of your shot to hit bullseye. First press the fire button for wind speed/direction, then press fire again to shoot one of your eight arrows at the passing target. (Keeping the fire button pressed indicates the height of the arrow. Hint:- try to get as close to a 5 degree angle as possible.

Co-ordination is the key to success in this event, approach speed is automatic, press the fire button as close to the take off line as possible. For each part of the jump keep the fire button pressed to increase the angle of the trajectory and release as close to 45 degrees as possible. Your score is a combination of the correct speed, angle and distance.

Now for the final test - a test of strength and stamina. Select the weight, type and then use the LEFT/RIGHT controls to increase the weight lifter's power. Press the fire button when WEIGHTS flashes to give the "Powerlift" Continue with power until all three judges acknowledge the feat. Your points score is based on weights.

Congratulations you've completed all the events now check your score and see if you can do better next time - Good luck.

Its program code, graphic representation, and artwork - are the copyright of Imagine Software (1984) Limited and may not, be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Imagine Software (1984) Limited. All rights reserved. The program runs on any Commodore 64 and requires a Commodore compatible joystick.

(c) Konami
(c) 1986 Imagine Software (1984) Limited
Produced by D. C. Ward