Ian Botham's Test Match
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Cricket, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

All the play feature's of the real game make Ian Botham's Test Match the only way to play cricket from your armchair! Match selections, full pitch vision, a horde of batting strokes, 2 player game and many more features to give action packed realism. Hit 'em for six!

The game may be played by one or two players as selected at the beginning of each game.

The Game Type options are: Limited, One Day or Test and are selected using the HOME TEAM joystick/keyboard. Move joystick off centre to run through options and press fire to finally select. Similarly you may set up your own teams by selecting "Your team selections" rather then "Armchair Cricket".

Fielders are positioned at the beginning of each innings using the joystick and fire to "drop" player on keyboard 1 - 5 (or keys 6 - 0 - two player game). Note that players may not be positioned in the vicinity of the wickets. Fielders may be re-positioned at the beginning of each over. If you do not wish to move fielder press fire button without moving cursor.

Otherwise move cursor to the player to be moved and press fire. The nearest player is "picked up" and may be moved and "put down" by pressing fire again. When a ball is batted a cursor appears over the bowler. Move this to a fielder you wish to control and press fire.

The fielder may now be moved to chase the ball. If the ball touches the fielder or any of the stationary fielders the ball is either caught or thrown back to the wicket to attempt to run the batsman out.

At the start of each over select bowler type by moving joystick in the appropriate direction or 1 to 4 (6 - 9 on two player game). To start bowler running press Key 1. Key 6 on two player game.

When the ball is bowled the batsman should select the direction he wishes to bat and press the fire button (keyboard - hold down key 1 to 4, then press key 5) on a one player game Keys 6 - 9 and bat 0 on a two player game.

The direction may be changed at any time up to when the fire button is pressed. The ball should be batted at the last possible moment for maximum strength. To run press the fire button after the ball has been batted.

Scoresheets are displayed after each wicket. To remove the display press fire button and (5) for the Visitors. This is button 0 (zero) for the computer's scoresheet.