International Basketball
Copyright/Publisher: Commodore/Andrew Spencer,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Basketball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL is a realistic game demanding strategy and skill. INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL can be played by two players, or by one against the computer, using joysticks. To play against the computer select one of the nine levels from the novice team (1) through to the expert (9).

A level nine opponent plays superb basketball, passing crisply, shooting accurately and playing a tough defence. A level one team is eminently beatable, a good opponent for a young child.

Three players are employed on each side instead of the usual five and you can choose whether to play to International, NBA or NCAA rules.


Real all instructions carefully. Check you have followed the correct procedure for setting up your COMMODORE 64. Before switching on, check that your COMMODORE Cassette Unit or Disk Drive is correctly plugged in and ready for use. Ensure that the cassette unit is kept as far away as possible from the TV. Now switch on both your COMMODORE 64 and TV (and then your disk drive, if applicable) and then turn on the volume. The screen displays the "READY." signal and a flashing cursor.

NOTE: It is always advisable to turn the COMMODORE 64 off and then on again before loading a new program. This clears all the memory locations and minimizes load errors.


1. Insert the cassette into the cassette unit.
2. Ensure that the tape is fully rewound to the beginning.
3. Hold down the SHIFT key and press the RUN/STOP key.
4. Press PLAY on the cassette unit and the program will load.
5. When the program has loaded, the title screen is displayed.
6. Press STOP on the cassette unit.


After the title screen is displayed the game select screen appears. If you do not press any function keys or the fire button, the computer enters the DEMO mode. Press the fire button or move the joystick to return to the title screen.


F1 Select colour for the home team (defending the left goal).
F3 Select colour for the away team (defending the right goal).
F5 Select computer opponent and skill level (1-9).
F7 Select International, NBA or NCAA rules.

The joystick in port 1 controls the team on the right field, and that in port 2 the team on the left. To play against the computer use port 2.

Select your game options and then press the joystick fire button to start the game. The whistle blows to signal the has started to play. Each game lasts 360 units and is split into halves or quarters depending on the rules you have chosen. The teams change ends at half time and the coloured pennants are hung either side of the changing room door to show the direction of play.


At any given time you directly control one player with the joystick. This player, usuallly the man closest to the ball, is recognised as being a tighter colour than the rest of the team (e.g. the controlled player in a red team appears as pink). You may change the controlled player at any time by holding down the fire button. To pass or throw the ball press the fire button. The left hand team always takes possession of the ball at the start of play.

The players not under joystick control are constantly vying for the best positions, always ready to catch a pass or intercept a stray ball. Only a partion of the field may be seen at a time, depending on the location of the ball. If a controlled player goes off the screen, another player on screen changes to the lighter colour and becomes the controlled player.

Players move at different speeds. A plyer dribbling the ball moves more slowly than a player without the ball. So, in order to be truly effective on the field you must use your whole team , passing the ball to other players. You may intercept passes by using the fire button to jump for the ball.

If the ball goes out of play, a throw-in or free shot is awarded. Press the fire button to get the ball thrown back into play.

At the end of the match the winner sees his well-earned reward. The winning team assembles on the field to proudly watch their captain collect the cup.

In the event of a draw you must arrange a replay, but remember, the opposition is just as eager for the same prize.


INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL is a highly addictive game with every match becoming more exciting as you and your opponent develop better tactics and strategies to create a top class squad. You need to be constantly on your toes to bring home the cup by learning to pass well, catch the ball, and position your player to be in control of the field.