International Karate
Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Neat Music: Rob Hubbard, Clever Stuff: Archer Maclean,
Productive Bits: Mark Cale, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Figthing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

International Karate is a simulation of a Karate Tournament where two people can play against each other, or one can compete against the computer. During the game, you will fly around the world to various locations, and in two-player game there is also a special bonus round.

Each round consists of three 30 seconds bouts. The first player to score two full points wins the bout, and the first to achieve victory in two bouts wins the round.

In a two-player game, the victor in each bout then goes on to the special bonus stage which involves dodging a flying weapon. Success in this part of the game will earn you 500 points.

The winner of each round scores an extra 2000 points, and the next destination is then automatically on screen.

When competing against the computer, you must win in each round in order to carry on to the next destination.

Two joysticks are required for a two-player game. Each of the eight positions on the joystick gives a different move, and pressing the fire button gives another eight moves. However, some moves result in your man facing the other way in which case the positions will be mirrored from left to right.

When making an attacking move, you must hold the joystick position until the move is complete. By quickly selecting your next move once the attack has occured, you will be able to make a series of moves without pausing.

Without button pressed:
[UP] - Jump
[UP + RIGHT] - Front Lunge Punch
[RIGHT] - Walk Forward
[DOWN + RIGHT] - Chest Kick
[DOWN] - Foot Sweep
[DOWN + LEFT] - Crouch Punch
[LEFT] - Walk Backwards
[LEFT + UP] - Back Lunge Punch

With button pressed:
[UP] - Flying Kick
[UP + RIGHT] - Front Somersault
[RIGHT] - Front Kick
[DOWN + RIGHT] - Front Side Kick
[DOWN] - Back Crouch Punch
[DOWN + LEFT] - Back Side Kick
[LEFT] - Roundhouse
[LEFT + UP] - Back Somersault

At all stages of the game you will be watched over by the wise old judge who will award you, depending on how successful a hit has been, either a half point or a full point.

Points scored are shown on a system of circles, next to your main score, which light up to indicate half or full points

Move - Full Hit - Half Hit
Front Lunge Punch - 800 - 400
Reverse Lunge Punch - 800 - 400
Front Stomach Punch - 800 - 400
Reverse Stomach Punch - 800 - 400
Front Shin Kick - 200 - 100
Revese Shin Kick - 200 - 100
Flying Kick - 1000 - 500
Roundhouse Kick - 1000 - 500
Stomach Kick - 200 - 100
Face Kick - 800 - 400
Footsweep Kick - 400 - 200