International Manager
Copyright/Publisher: Cult Games, Release Year: 1986 Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


1. The whole of this game uses the 'U' up key and 'D' down key, then just 'Enter'.

2. 'I' key on the squad page is used to access information on any key player, press twice to access information on reserve players.

3. 'S' key to substitute during the game.

4. The number next to the teams when booking a fixture is their current world rating.

5. Morale is worked out on how you should have done against a team, comparing your world ranking with theirs in any game.

6. World rankings are re-assessed every World Cup at the end of June. This takes quite a while to go through all the teams.


A - Away
H - Home
F - Friendly
EQ - European Qualifiers
WQ - World Cup Qualifiers
EC - European Cup
WC - World Cup
G - Goalkeeper
D - Defender
M - Midfielder
A - Attacker
S - Suspend
I - Injured
A - Unavailable
27 (Black Highlight) - Goals Conceded
T - Talent
F - Form
C - Consistency
M - Morale CAPS - Caps
AGE - Age
AVA - Availability