International Tennis
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games Limited, Coding By: John Carlyle, Graphics By: Neil Hislop,
Music By: Adam Gilmore, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

International Tennis is controlled via the joystick connected to the joystick in port 2. 2 player option requires a joystick in port 1.

Pressing 'fire' on the options screen begins the game on the previously arranged settings. Should the game parameters need to be altered. moving the joystick in any direction allows the game type to be set up. All options are selected by joystick movement and pressing fire comfirms the choice of game.

[RUN/STOP] - Puases match
[SPACE] - To restart match
[Q] - Aborts present game

International Tennis offers the following variations;


Different courts around the world are constructed from one of three materials. All courts have their own particular play characteristics which means that champions very rarely beat opponents on all 3 surfaces.

LAWN COURT - Which absorbs some of the ball bounce
CLAY COURT - For pro's with poor ball bounce
HARD COURT - For beginners with excellent ball bounce

A true world champion can beat top class opponents on all three surfaces.

International Tennis is governed to full lawn tennis ass rules, and the game is scored and governed by this legislation. All referee calls and line judge decision are final.

When your player has service, he can be moved into the correct position on the base line. Pressing fire throws the ball into the air, and pressing fire again makes the player begin his swing for the ball. If the ball is to 'high' or to 'low' when the player begins his swing he will miss the ball. When a computer opponent has service, they will not serve until the 'human' player is in the correct position at the base line.

A dot next to the players name on the scoreboard indicates who currently has service. During a game, the player can be positioned anywhere on his side of the court by joystick movement, pressing fire when the ball is in the near vicinity of the player executes a forehand or backhand according to the players position in relation to the player.

The direction of the ball is determined by the timing of your swing and any spin that you choose to add to the ball, the following joystick positions affect the ball movements.

RIGHT - Spins the ball to the right
LEFT - Spins the ball to the left
JOY-S TOWARDS NET - adds 'smash' power to the ball
JOY-S TOWARDS NET - absorbs 'power' on the ball

Different joystick and firebutton combinations will eneable the player to develop their own repertoire of match winning shots. These shots will change according to the hard, lawn or clay play surface selected. Current match scores are registered on the scoreboard at the rear of the playing screen.