Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road
Copyright/Publisher: Virgin Mastertronic/Graftgold, Arcade Concept: Leland Corporation, Programming by: Jason Page,
Graphics by: John Cumming, Music by: Jason Page, Team Leader: Steve Turner,
Technical Advisor: Ivan Stewart, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 3

Grab the wheel and hit the gas! Based on the #1 arcade game, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road is an all-out dirt-grinding race. Watch out for the mud holes, jumps and other obstacles on 8 different tracks and 16 configurations. Trade-in cash prizes for racetruck accessories at the Speed Shop and improve your chances for victory. From match-offs to spin-outs, Super Off-Road is as close to genuine short-course racing as you can get.

Player 1, the red car, uses Joystick Port 2.
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Brake
[LEFT] - Left
[RIGHT] - Right
[FIRE] - Nitro

Player 2, the yellow car, uses Joystick Port 1.
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Brake
[LEFT] - Left
[RIGHT] - Right
[FIRE] - Nitro

Player 3, the blue car, uses the keyboard.
[:] - Accelerate
[/] - Brake
[@] - Left
[UpArrow] - Right
[;] - Nitro

During play [RUN/STOP] pauses and [CLR/HOME] aborts a paused game.

Your aim is simple: to come out as the best offroad driver in a series of stadium-based races. Four drivers, up to three of which can be played by the computer, compete over a series of eight tracks - and each track is raced both clockwise and anticlockwise, giving 16 race configurations.

At the start of a new season, competitors begin on equal terms - no-one has any money in the bank, end everyone has three 'lives' on the form of Credits, which are worth $200.000 dollars. Money can be collected during races: bags of dollars appear on the track every so often; the first person to drive over a Bonus Bag collects the loot it contains. Similarly, containers of Nitro Fuel materialise on the track from time to time - collect them if you can - Nitros usually cost you $10.000 dollars each and can only be purchased before a race starts. The Bonus Nitros you collect during a race can be used immediately, if you want....

And prize money is also on offer, of course.

The moment one driver completes four laps, the current race ends and he is declared the winner. The other three drivers are then automatically ranked according to their positions when the race finished.

Coming first in a race erans you $100.000, 2nd place is worth $90.000, while third place adds $80.000 to your account. Even if your driving skills aren't that impressive, you still collect $70.000 for coming fourth. Watch out for the computer-controlled cars - each player who is beaten by one, loses a Credit.

Points are also awarded at the rate of one point for every $1.000 dollars you win while racing, and are used on the High Score table at the end of a game to determine an overall ranking for the season's competition.

Everyone starts the game with three lives. Being beaten by one of the computer-controlled car costs you one of your lives.

After each race, the Awards Screen appears and the position of each competing driver is shown, alongside readouts that show the cash won and the cash collected by picking up Bonus Bags on the track.

If you lose a credit with a credit remaining, a counter starts ticking down and you can opt to continue play by pressing fire before it reaches zero. If you allow the 'Continue Play?' conuter to reach zro, then you are retired from the current game and have to leave the other drivers to chase victory.

The Speed Shop menu appears in between races and allows you to spend the cash you have acculumulated on the track and by winning races. The display at the top shows how many lives you have (shown as 'credits'), and how much cash you have amassed.

Five useful items are on offer in the Speed Shop, all of which improve the performance of your vehicle. By glancing at the bar readouts in each panel, you can see how many of each of the five accessories has already been fitted to your vehicle.

To go shopping, move the curosr over the panel that shows the accessory you want to buy and press FIRE to make the purchase (if you try to buy an item you can't afford a credit is automatically traded in for $200.000). When you've bought all you want, select the Next Race panel to move onto the track

Nitro Fuel Units
$10,000 EACH. You can have up to 99 of these - providing you have collected lots of cash or get really good at picking up the freebies during races. The lap counter panel that is displayed during a race shoes how many Nitros each driver has in reserve.

During a race, pressing the FIRE button or Nitro key uses a Nitro Unit if you have one - when you punch the Nitro in, you gain a short burst of amazing speed as the high-grade fuel is burned off.

Use Nitros at the start of a race to get ahead of the pack, and whenever you've got a bit of catching up to do!

$40,000 EACH. You can buy up to five grades of 'Tire'. The higher grade you have, the better you vehicle's grip on the racetrack, the less likely you are to skid, and the vehicle's turn rate is improved.

$60,000 EACH. Up to five types of shock absorbers can be fitted to your vehicle - the more you have, the less bouncy the ride. The improved contact of your wheels with the ground gives inproved acceleration and cornering.

$80,000 EACH. Be careful race-tuning, your vehicle can be made to accelerate up to its top speed more quickly. You're limited to five Acceleration units - each one you buy increases performance.

Top Speed
$100,000 EACH. This accessory boosts the top speed that your vehicle can reach without the aid of Nitro boosters. When you have fitted five Top Speed accessories and five Acceleration units, your truck can't travel faster without Nitros...

Keep an eye on the stock of Nitros you have in your vehicle - the race readout that appears on screen shows how many laps each competitor has completed and how many Nitros thay have in stock.

Use your Nitros wisely - to get ahead of the pack at the start of a race, or to make up for lost time. and buy plenty - by using Nitro boosts to best effect, it's possible to triple your overall speed during a race.

Keep an eye out for the collectables - Bonus Bags stuffed with cash and Bonus Nitro Containers. The quantity of cash in the bags and the number of Nitros in the containers increases as a race progresses. If you're falling behind the field, it sometimes pays dividends to go for pickups rather than for the best position at the end of a race.

Drive intelligently! The more skillful you are at avoiding the on-track obstacles like ramps, mounds and watersplashes, the quickler you will be able to complete a lap.

Spend money! The number of dollars you earn or collect determines the number of points you are awarded on the High Score Screen, nut there's no point in saving cash. Spend out when you get the chance to visit The Speed Shop....

Ivan Stewart, a Californian off-road race specialist, began his career as a competitor in off-road racing in 1971, piloting a Class 1 buggy. His career spans nearly 20 years, and Stewart has been a major contributor to the evolution of the sport in America where he has built up an impressive collection of wins.

What began as a hobby, rapidly grew into a profession as the sport of off-road racing became more popular. In 1983, Stewart joined the Toyota Factory Team and has represented the company ever since, driving an off-road truck in stadium short-course races as well as the long-distance events in which competitors drive for 250 miles non-stop through the deserts of Southwest USA and Mexico.

Ivan Stewart gained his nickname 'Ironman' as a result of competing in these marathon treks through the desert. It takes a certain kind of driver to put up with the relentless pounding that your body takes inside the cab of a truck racing through the desert - and a certain kind of physique to withstand the discomfort of a 250-mile trek through hot and hostile terrain.

From the start of his career, Stewart's capacity for endurance was recognised by his fellow competitors. Each time he won a Baja 500 or Baja 1000 race, held in the heat of Mexico, Stewart received an 'Ironman' award. Mickey Thompson, the man behind the Off-Road Championship Grand Prix Series began referring to Ivan Stewart as 'The Ironman of Off-Road Racing' after he picked up the Drivers' Points Championship in two successive years.

While the tag has been shortened a bit, the title 'Ironman' has stuck. Today, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart is a well-known sporting personality in America - known not just for his wins, but for his association with the sport and the Toyota factory team.

And after a 20-year career behind the wheel, Ironman is still pushing back the boundaries of off-road achievement. Last year, he secured an overall win in the Mint 400 race in Las Vegas - the first time in the 22-year history of the event that a pickup truck captured the award.

Little wonder then, that the American arcade specialists Leland sought Ironman's assistance and endorsement when they set out to produce a game that captured the thrills of off-road racing. And now you can enjoy Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off-Road on your home computer.

But will you end up deserving the accolade: 'Ironman' ?