Italy'90 Soccer
Copyright/Publisher: Simulmondo, Produced By: Francesco Carla & R.Arioti, Created By: Ivan Venturi,
Original Version By: Davide Dardari, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Footbal/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 to 8


1) Teams
The number of participants may be from two to eight. If you choose a certain number of teams 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 the remaining teams are repositioned by the computer. It is possible to select the difficulty level of the game: 1-Easy, 5-Medium, 9-Difficult.

2) Kick Control
Low: If you press fire when the player is in possession of the ball, the kick direction will coincide with the player's running direction and the force stated near the player's score will be proportional to the length of time fire is pressed and the released of the same.

The kick will be close to the ground.

High: In comparison with the low, mode there is the opportunity to carry out lobs. In the opposite direction of the player's running direction.

3) Joystick Control
Novice: It doesn't allow you to carry out any acrobatics.

Professional: This option allows you to carry out some acrobatics such as overhead bicycle kick, headers, and slide kick.

4) The Goal Keeper
Control is semi-automatic, i.e. the only thing the player can do is press fire when he wants him to dive towards the direction of the ball. If the ball is in front of the goal keeper, a high jump will be carried out instead of a dive.

5) Throw-Ins
The throw occurs when fire is released with a force proportional to the length of time the button is pressed and the joystick direction.

6) Acrobatics
The professional mode provides players with several acrobatics. This insolves a different handling of the joystick. In comparison with the novice mode more complicated but it permits a more complete enjoyable spectacular game.

The main difference between this and the novice mods is the fire use. If you keep the push-button pressed without setting it free, the player you are controlling at that moment will continue to run in the same direction even if you move the joystick in another direction.

It gives the opportunity to set out the acrobatic that the player has to carry out when he sets the button free.

In fact, according to the position of the joystick, the player will carry out one of the acrobatic. If he in possession of the ball, he will accomplish a kick.

Slide Kick: push the joystick downwards before its release.

Overhead Bicycle Kick: Push the joystick on the right or on the left before its release.

Header: Push the joystick upwards before its release.

7) Game Times
A match is divided into two stages, but as Italy 90 Soccer is a direct elimination tournament, if the two teams scores are equal when the last minute comes, you will have to go on with suppplementary times.

In this case, players are allowed to go on with the game for further twenty mins and this will happen until when there isn't equality between the two teams when the twentieth minute comes. The length of game time will be selected.