Jai Alai
Copyright/Publisher: Opera Sport, Coding and Sound FX by: Daniel Gutierrez, Graphics by: Adolfo Gutierrez,
Intro Music: Narciso Quintana, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Main Menu
Use a joystick connected to port 2 to select desired options. If you don't move the selection arrow, a demostration will start automaticallt. To exit the demo just press fire button.

From here you can enter the options menu or choose either playing a single match or a championship.

Pelota Court
You can choose between two courts:
Miami Arena, placed in USA, 1000 people
Euskal Jai, placed in Spain, 1500 people

Game Mode
You can select Normal or Weapon Mode. The weapons are some capsules that appear on the floor and give you extra advantages when picked up.

Game Timing
You are able to choose the score at which the match ends.

You can choose a referee out of a list of eight. It is advisable to choose the most homing one.

Here you can choose the colour your team will be dressed in.

Single Match
Three options are available here:

One Player
You play a single match against computer with the previously selected skill level.

Two Players
You play a single match against a human adversary playing with a joystick in port 1.

Computer Level
You can select the skill level of the computer from 3rd division, which is the easiest, to International, the toughest.

This option starts the championship against seven hard opponents to achieve worldwide acknowledgement and fame.

Game Playing
The aim of the game consist in catching the ball thrown by the opponent team, and then throw it towards the front wall for the adversary to catch it again. The ball must be caught before it bounds twice, otherwise the catching team is penalized. [BALL NOT CAUGHT].

In every throw, the ball MUST touch the front wall before it bounds, although it can touch the side all before. If the ball bounds before touching the front wall, the throwing team faults. [ILLEGAL BOUND]

If the ball touches the bottom zone of the front wall, the throwing team is also penalized. [ILLEGAL REBOUND]

Once the ball has hit the front ball, whenever it is not a serve, the ball may bound into the field limits to the left of a vertical line which divides the court floor. If the ball bounds out of the limits, the throwing team gets a fault. [OUTFIELD FAULT]

Once the ball touches the front wall, it may hit any of the three walls whenever it have not bound twice.

In the top we can find the scoreboards for both teams, the strength and angle of throws and the weapons markers.

In the botton we can see a scanner of the playfield where the players are shown as dots. The brightest player is the one controlled by the joystick.

The weapons are also displayed in the scanner, which is very helpful when our players are out of the screen.

When afault is made, the scanner is replaced by a message explaining which fault has been produced. The player who is not controlled by the joystick aligns himself to the ball until you can control his movement.

If you are not sure where to move a player that is out of the screen, just do not move it becouse it is probablt aligned to the ball.

Throwing Controls
The throw is determined by two factors:
Strength and Direction, which may be observed at the top of the screen.

The horizontal direction is selected by moving the joystick to the left or to the right, and is shown by the arrows.

It is advisable not to select high angle unless you are near the front wall and want to make a cornered throw.

The height is choosen by pushing up or pulling down the joystick. You can make throws without height if you are near enough the front wall.

Little height throws are the most difficult to catch. Once selected the angle, keep pressed the joystick button to increase power, and release it to throw.

While the player is throwing you can change slightly the direction, but not the strength. The limit time to throw a ball is five seconds since caught. If the player doesn't throw after that time, is penalized. [RETENTION FAULT]

Catching Controls
You can move the joystick to move the player anywhere in the playfield. By pressing the button, the player can make special movements, depending of the ball position and direction.

Always with the fire button pressed, the player will either rush, jump or kneel to the way we are moving the joystick, depending on ball height and distance.

If we move the joystick down, the player will jump backwards, falling with his back on the ground. If we are next to the side wall and the ball goes high, we can climb by moving leftwards and pressing the fire button.

Serving The Ball
At the beginning of the match and after the opponent team has made a fault, you have to serve the ball.

There is no limit time when serving and you can think your strategic throw. The ball MUST bound between 'Falta' and 'Pasa' lines. If it doesn't touch the upper zone of the front wall, or it bounds before 'Falta' or out the field, the team is penalized. [SERVING FAULT]

If the ball bounds behind 'Pasa' line, the server faults, [PASA LINE FAULT] but the throwe may serve again.

If anew 'Pasa' line fault is made, then the team lose the serve. [SERVING FAULT]

Each weapon has a different colour to be recognized. Weapons are obtained by just touching them, and their symbol appears next to the scoreboards.

Magnet [M]:
It is used to attract the ball to the player when he is near. We may cheat by pulling the ball when the adversary is catching.

Invisibility [I]:
It is used to make the ball dissappear to the opponent.

Extra Strength [E]:
It just increases the maximum power in the next throw.

Change Turn [C]:
When obtained, the team that has just thrown, has to catch his own throw. Turn may not be changed after making a fault.

Skull [S]:
It is a deadly weapon that starts blinking faster and faster. After some time, the team wins a point, unless it makes a fault.

Deleting [D]:
This weapon is an antidote that removes any active weapon from the opponent team.

Remember that computer will use the weapons as fast as he can. Be careful!