Jimmy's Soccer Manager
Copyright/Publisher: Beyond Belief, Converted by: The Ghost,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

You are in charge of a conference division team. The last manager got the sack as the teams performance left them third from bottom the previous season. The board is getting worried aboth the clubs situation. It's up to you know!

Jimmy's Soccer Manager is a football management game that is based on realism. It is demanding as being a real manager and is very difficult. Other management games are very easy after you have sussed a simple formula, But Jimmy's Soccer Manager depends on a series of decisions, skill and a lot of petience to succeed.

Its the realism of the game that you will notice most. The value of the players, The skills of young players that mature and the decline of great players because of age. Morale changes to depending on if you are playing, Injured or not playing. There are scouts too that try to poach your good players to be their future stars. As well as the usual injuries, Financial management, Telephone calls buying and selling etc.

Just follow on screen instructions or press highlighted keys shown on the screen.

Have patience you will probably lose your first couple of games but stick with it your squad will mature together.

Always buy young players, Their skill will increase every game. Be careful of your older players because their skill and value will drop.

Always try and keep a 13 man squad in case of injuries.

Keep a check on morale a good player with bad morale could let the team down.