Karamalz Cup
Copyright/Publisher: Art Department/Markt & Technik, Music By: Thomas Detert,
Release Year: 1993, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Here you choose the following things:
Minutes per third
Here you can choose the playtime for one third in 2, 3 or 5 minutes.

Off: No Rules!
Partly: Foulplay will get punished.
Complete: All rules activated.

Computer Skill
Here you can choose the skill of the computer controlled players.
Easy, Medium or Hard.

Number Of Players
Here you can select the number of players, 1 to 4 players. The computer controls all other teams.

Shows These instructions.

Start Game
Starts the game!

Choose Country
You can choose your country at the beginning of the game. Every player can choose his favourite country. You can move the mark with your joystick between 12 countries. Pressing fire button will confirm it! Two players can not choose the same country.

Group A
Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Sweden and Austria.

Group B
Germany, USA, France, Finland, Norway and Czechoslovakia.

Table etc
The groups are choosen according to the World Championship 1993. The tables inform you about the actual rankings! You can continue the game by pressing fire.

Playing the game
In the game the joystick functions are like this: Only one player in your team can be controlled with the joystick! All others will be controlled automatically!

You will always control the same player, It does not matter if you don't have the puck!

There are different meanings of the button:
A) Player has the puck:
[SHORT PUSH] - Pass the puck
[LONG PUSH] - Shot at the goal

B) Another teamplayers has the puck:
[SHORT PUSH] - Pass puck over
[LONG PUSH] - Check somebody

B) Opposite player has the puck:
[SHORT PUSH] - Get puck

B) Puck is free:

When the referee holds the puck you must press fire.

A fight will start after a hard foul.

It takes around 1/2 minute! If get lots of kicks, then you will loose and you will also get penalty minutes!

Defend with joystick, kick with the button + the direction.

The player controls the paddle with the joystick! You must mark the direction by pressing fire. The player will do the shot automatically.

The opposite player must control the goalkeeper using the Joy up, down, right and left.

The little beams on the screen are showing the stamina of the players. The beams are getting smaller and smaller. You can change the players with [SHIFT].

Special Keys
[RESTORE] - Leave Game
[E] - Break