Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer Number Of Players: 1


Kenny Dalglish's Soccer Manager is a highly graphic simulation of managing a football team. It features 4 divisions, promotion, relegation, buying, selling, job offers, injuries, suspensions, internationals, loans, detailed statistical records of players season and career records, league games, cup games, 'live' instant replays and a whole lot more...


The game is quite simple to operate. So if you want to 'get started' now just start clicking. I would however recommend reading the instructions ('yawn') to pick up some of the finer points, they may help you get out of the fourth division!


This is your 'base' - most screens return you back here. Just click on an ICON, and you will be taken to another screen. For example the icon of the empty boardroom will allow you to seek advice from your fellow members of the board.


This takes you to a new screen showing, your six members of the board. To exit this screen click anywhere on the screen but not on an icon! The board are:

Having looked after the club for several years he knows what he wants from you and he'll tell you how he rates your performance.

He tells you who's currently unavailable, due to injury, suspension or being on international duty and when they are likely to return.

He assesses your current first 11 and gives an honest opinion on their ability. He does this by rating each player on a score between 1 and 99 - the higher the score the better. He'll give you the average rating for defence, midfield and attack. A good average for a team in the fourth division would be around 50 - however a rating of this level in the first would mean you ire a likely candidate for relegation.

He'll tell you who's available TO BUY and give a profile of the player stating amongst other things position, number of games played in their career and goals scored. You will be only offered 2 players a week. You then have the chance of buying the player or EXITING from the scout.

Bank Manager
Not strictly a member of the board - but on hand to LOAN money but only up to your credit limit. The higher the division the more credit the bank will allow. Remember interest on the loan is due each week.

He'll keep you informed as to the clubs financial position, stating outgoings such as the player's wages.

Use these men to keep yourself informed


This displays another screen, where you are able to click on the icons - just like previously and find out:

Details of the next fixture, who the opponents are, whether it's home or away, a league or cup game and what your chances are.

'First 11'
See your current first team squad. Besides what position and their ability, you can also find out how many games played this season (SP), goals scored this season (SG), games played in their career (CP) and the total number of goals scored (CG). Note - Ability of around 50 would be quite good in the fourth division - but terrible for the first.

'No 12 Shirt'
You will first see your reserves that play in defence (Goalkeepers, backs, etc.). Then by clicking on NEXT your Midfielders appear. Finally, another click on next gives you your ATTACKERS.

If you have less than 11 players in your first team a message will appear and you can click on ANY of the players names to ADD them to the First 11.

An asterix denotes your first eleven, match team.

By first dropping players from the First 11 and then adding reserves you can alter the formation of the team. Success depends on having a good squad and finding the right formation. A forward line of left Wingers would not perform well.

'Football Stadium'
This starts the match, you will be asked if you want to set the players positions. If you say yes a pitch appears with the opposing teams 'likely' composition. Point at the area of the pitch where you want a player to be and click - he will appear.

Repeat process for the other 9 outfield players (The Goalie knows where he's playing!). It is important to find the right balance for the team - too many defenders or too many left sided players will decrease your chances of success.

The match will then take place and the RESULT will appear. Click once and the other match results will be displayed.

If 'match highlights' are shown you will see the goals and near misses - remember you're the team in red!! The goal scorers will also be named and the time of the goal will also be shown.

'League Table'
Shows your current league standing. Remember 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and none for defeat. At the end of the season the top 3 clubs are promoted and the bottom 3 are relegated.

'Missing Player'
This works much the same as the 'Reserves' screen - however having clicked on a player instead of being added to the first 11 you will be given the opportunity to SELL the player - assuming you accept the offer.


Back on the opening screen this icon is used to decide what information you see.

Normally on a screen (like the first 11) you see:

Players Name
Players Position
His ability (1 to 99, 99 is the best)

Clicking on the video camera and calling up the same screen will display:

Players Name
Games played this Season (SP)
Goals scored this Season (SG)
Games played throughout career (CP)
Goals scored throughout career (CG)
Ability (Ab)


Your chance to save a game - so that you don't have to start at the bottom all the time. If you wish to always start a new game with your favourite players load the game in, change the players and the teams name then SAVE it!


This allows you to reload a game in.


There are lots more features that you'll have fun finding out about - just click away and see if you can be as successful as Kenny Dalglish.