League Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Atlantis Software, Programmed By: Nigel Edwards & Hypa Hypa Designs,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


Select your team from one of the 64 teams listed. (You can, if you wish, change your team name.) Whichever team you select, you will begin the game at the bottom of Division 4.

There are 15 league matches to be played in each division together with 'knock-out' cup matches.

Train your team. The more intense the training, the more chance you stand of winning, but the more expensive the training becomes.

Change your team to comba the strengths of your opponents. Select your defenders (D), mid-field (M) and attackers (A) on the basis of their skills (S) and fitness (F). In your team, a player is either playing (P), injured (I) or available for play (-). Remember that players need to be rested occasionally to improve their fitness. Skill can not be increased. If a player is not good enough for your team, he can be sold on the transfer market. You can have up to 15 players in your squad at any time.

At the end of each match, you will be shown the results of other matches played that day, together with a league table showing your position, games won, drawn and lost, goals for and against, and points earned.

Your financial position will show your total income and expenditure for the week together with a running total of your capital. You are allowed to go into debt to a maximum of 250,000. Over this, you are bankrupt and must start the game again at the bottom of division 4.

At the end of each season, the top 3 teams are promoted to the next division and the bottom 3 teams are relegated. You keep the same team for the start of the following season, but the player's skill and fitness levels will be changed.

Can you win the double? Can you take your team to the top of Division One? Will you be voted "Manager of the Year"? Or will the crowd jeer as your team is relegated yet again?


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