L.E.D. Storm
Copyright/Publisher: Capcom/Go!/Software Creations, Programmed By: Stephen Ruddy, Artists: Andrew Threlfall &
Mark Wilson, Musician: Tim Follin, Release Year: 1986 Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

It's the hottest road race of the future. L.E.D. Storm puts you in control of a high-powered, ramp-jumping super car that will take you through the nastiest race course devised by man. Your only weapons are speed, skill and timing, as you launch yourself into the wildest encounter ever.

The nine sections of this course will take you over an entire continent. You'll begin at the Capitol City and make your way through the Netwood Forest, the Coral Sea, the Ruins Desert, and five other disaster areas. Specialized traps and hazards threaten to stop you dead in your tracks all along the way, so buckle up, and get ready for the ride of a life-time.

There are several ways to regain energy for your L.E.D. STORM vehicle. You need to closely monitor fuel consumption because the game will end if you run out of fuel.

Use a joystick in port two.

[Forward] - Accelerate.
[Backward] - Decelerate.
[Left] - Left.
[Right] - Right.
[Fire] - Jump.
[Fire & Back] - Change to motor bike.

Jerry cans: Driving over these objects causes individual letters of the word 'Energy' (displayed on the upper middle of the screen) to be illuminated.

Once the final letter has been lite, you will receive a large fuel bonus.

Ground symbols: These are dropped by passing space ships and if picked up will aid your journey. There are three differen types:
[E] - Energy, [B] - Barrier, [P] - Points.

Energy pods: Jump to catch them as they float above you on parachutes.

Manic frogs - These creatures grab hold of your car, slowing you down and hampering your jumping ability.

Computer car - This is your main adversary. Avoid where possible, because it will do its utmost to send you into oblivion. To destroy the computer car, jump into the air and land on it.

TNT lorry - Due to the nature of their load, these vehicles are impervious to any sort of collision, so avoid them at all costs.

Mine droppers - This adversary, as his name suggests, drops high explosive mines in your path. Dodge the mines and overtake him or jump on him.

Crates and oil slicks - These appear from time to time strewn over the road. Avoid these as best you can, as crashing into them will spin you and slow you down, wasting time.

[Q] - Quit current game (only of the game is not paused).

[RUN/STOP] - Toggle pause mode on/off.