Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Version by: Mercury Microware,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

You have control of the player in possession of the ball or that player who is best placed to tackle or intercept the ball. This player is indicated on-screen by his socks turning the colour of the rest of his strip.

1. DRIBBLING - Whilst your player is in possession of the ball, dribbling is automatic.

2. PASSING - To pass the ball, use the kick control key (or the FIRE button if you are using a joystick). The ball will go in the direction you are facing.

3. RECEIVING - To successfully gain possession of the ball you must judge its path and time your interception so that the ball arrives at your feet.

4. GOALKEEPER - You will automatically gain control over your goalkeeper at the appropriate time - this is indicated by him crouching. You then have the option of making a diving save to the left or right by using the appropriate direction control with 'kick/fire'.

5. SET PIECES - These include corner kicks, centres and goal kicks. To vary the strength of kick from soft to hard the general rule is; Press keys/joystick to move your player forwards - gives a hard kick/long throw etc.

Press joystick to move your player backwards - gives a soft kick/short throw etc.

The direction of the kick/throw/header can be changed by using the controls that would normally move the player in that direction as you press the FIRE button.

When the ball leaves the field and crosses either touch line, a member of the appropriate team automatically crosses over to take the throw. You now control this player who will take the throw when you press the fire button.

To control your team player you use your joystick.

There are five 'player controls: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and KICK (also used to make goalkeepers DIVE and take THROW-INS).