MicroLeague Wrestling
Copyright/Publisher: Micro League Sports Association Inc., Designed By: Subway Software,
Micro League Sports, Riedel Software Productions: Michael Riedel, Arthur J.Aspromatis,
Remington Emin, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Wrestling, Number of Players: 0 to 2


Featuring Hulk Hogan and some of the greatest competitors of the WWF.

Be the foe and try to take Hulk's title away - the moves are up to you.

Live interviews with "Mean Gene" Okerlund.

Drama and action outside the ring!

Digitized Video Action Wrestle, Real WWF Stars Featuring Hulk Hogan. For 2 players or for one player going solo against the computer.

Strap on Hulksters championship belt and decide which moves to make, body slam, leg drop all the authentic moves of each wrestler like Randy "Macho Man" Savage and Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff.

Even has live interviews with Mean Gene Okerlund and Ringside commentary by Vince McMahon and Jessie "The Body" Ventura.

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Hogan is one of the most powerful men to ever hold the world title. His size and strength are awesome, and he seems to literally draw strength from the cheers of his fans, whom he calls his "Hulkamaniacs."

Randy Savage is a skilled grappler who combines flying maneuvers, high impact moves, and a relentless thirst for victory. The relationship between Hogan and Savage has been tumultuous to say the least. The two men started out as enemies upon Savage's arrival in the WWF, engaging in a series of brutal brawls during which Savage did everything in his power to take the title.

The mutual enmity was later burried one evening at a taping of Saturday Night's Main Event. Macho Man was being brutally worked over by several of Jimmy Hart's goons. Elizabeth, Macho Man's beautiful side-kick and manager, ran backstage for help. The First Lady of Wrestling soon returned with the Hulkster in tow, and both Hogan and Savage teamed up to clear the ring of the Hart Foundation members. The two power-houses then turned to one another and, with encouragement from Elizabeth, shook hands. This momentous handshake signaled the creation of the 'Mega-Powers', perhaps the most awesome tag team in WWF history.

The alliance lasted over a year, but was eventually shattered by Savage's jealous nature. Convinced that Hogan had a romantic interest in Elizabeth - an accusation that Hogan vehemently denied - Savage turned on his partner during a match against the Twin Towers, Big Bossman and Akeem.

When Hogan defeated Savage for the WWF title at WrestleMania V, the Macho Man blamed his defeat on Elizabeth, dumped her, and announced that his new manager would be 'Sensational' Sheeri, known also as 'Scary' Sherri depending on your personal opinion. Savage has also vowed to battle Hogan until the WWF title is once again his.

Moves and Maneuvers
Hulk Hogan


Head Smash - The 'Macho Man' gets his brains scrambled, courtesy of a series of up-close- and-personal encounters with the rumbuckle. True, those turnbuckles are padded, but underneath that thin veneer is nothing but metal!

Wristlock - Hogan grabs Savage by the hand, gives it a twist, and applies the pressure.
Stomp - The world's most macho wrestler has a close encounter with the flat of the Hulkster's boot.

Punch - Hogan clenches his fist and lays five fingers on Randy's kisser. Not strictly a legal move, but we'll overlook it, right?

Elbow Smash - A Hulk-sized elbow crashes into Savage's head and sends a shiver through the 'Macho Man'.


Shoulder Block - An NFL-quality flying shoulder block makes Randy wish he were wearing pads.

Atomic Drop - Hogan hoists the 'Macho Man' high onto his shoulder, then sends him crashing down onto an outstretched knee.

Clothesline - The Hulkster hangs Savage out to dry with this stiffarm clothesline, and with Hogan's massive, python-like arms, that's sone laundering!

Suplex - There are a number of variations on this move. One is the Vertical Suplex, where Hogan bends Savage over in a front facelock, then hoists him by the side of his trunks high into the air and falls backwards, crushing Savage beneath. There is also the belly-to-back version, which starts like the atomic drop - Hulk lifts Savage onto his shoulder - but then Hogan falls backwards, driving Macho's head and shoulders into the canvas!


Legbomb - Dibiase is down! The Hulkster gets a running start, bounces off the ropes, and leaps into the air. He crashes down, legfirst, on his opponent. Then he covers Savage for an attempted pin!

Special Event

The cheers of the crowd send adrenaline pumping through Hogan's body! He's psyched! He's got the pump back, Jack! Look out, Randy Savage!

'Macho Man' Randy Savage


Stomp - Mr.Savage's boot wants to meet Mr.Hogan's head. Object: Punishment! Macho Man pummels Hogan with the flat of his foot.

Punch - Though it's not alegal move, both Hogan and Savage take advantage of its effectiveness. Here, Savage sends a direct hit to Hogan's face.

Kick - Unlike a stomp - which is legal since it uses the flat of the boot - a kick is executed with the toe of the boot.

Snapmare - Savage grabs Hogan by the head and flips, or 'mares', him forward.

Elbow Smash - The 'Macho Man' possesses one of the most lethal elbows in wrestling, and here he unleashes it on the Champ's skull.


Body Block - Savage uses his body as a projectile and launches himself at Hogan's upper body! A direct hit can do some damage.

Super Ax Handle - One of the most electrifying moves in pro wrestling. Savage throws Hogan from the ring, and then scampers, cat-like, to the top rope and crashes to the arena floor, both fists slamming into the Champ's head and shoulders along the way!

Kneedrop - Hogan is flat on his back, so Randy leaps high into the air and drops, knee-first, onto Hogans throat and chest. That'll choke you up!

Double Chop - Similar to the Super Ax Handle, except this time the 'Macho Man' brings his clenched fists down on Hogan while the Champ is standing in the ring.


Savage Elbow - The most dangerous elbow drop in wrestling is delivered by Randy Savage off the top rope! Can even Hogan get up from this?

Special Event

'Sensational' (or 'Scary', if you like) Sherri distracts the Champ while Savage punches him from behind. What a couple of sneaks!

Hulk Hogan vs. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
The conflict between Hogan and DiBiase is easy enought to understand. DiBiase is convinced that money can buy anything - even the WWF title. Hogan's response: "No sale."

DiBiase has made several attempts to sieze the WWF strap. First, he offered to simply purchase the title and belt from the Hulkster, offering millions both to the champ and to his favourite charities. After a week of agonizing soul-searching, Hogan appeared on television with his answer. "Hell no!"

Not to be deterred, DiBiase took another approach, purchasing the services of Andre the Giant from manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The Giant soon got a title shot at Hogan on prime-time network TV, with DiBiase at his corner. But the "Million Dollar Man" wasn't taking any chances. Upon learning that referee Dave Hebner had a twin brother, DiBiase hired the him to create havoc at the title match. The strategem worked, too, as the "evil twin" counted Hogan's shoulders down (despite the fact thet they were clearly off the mat), and the belt was awarded to Andre, who promptly handed it over to DiBiase.

Once again, however, DiBiase was foiled, WWF President Jack Tunney announced that while the WWF as recognizing Andre's victory, the title could not be handed over to someone else in this fashion. As a result, the belt was held up at a tournament scheduled for WrestleMania IV. At that tournament, Andre succeded in getting both Hogan and himself disqualified early, while the Million Dollar Man worked his way through the ranks.

The final round of the tournament came down to a match between DiBiase and Randy Savage, during which Hogan came to ringside to keep Andre from interfering on DiBiase behalf. During a wild finish, Hogan knocked out DiBiase with a chair and Savage pinned him to win the belt.

DiBiase has never forgiven Hogan for costing him the title and has vowed to use any methods - including has native wrestling skill, which is considerable - to finally take the prize that has, so far, eluded him.

Moves and Maneuvers
Hulk Hogan


Punch - Again, it's not a legal move, but are you gonna tell these guys about it? Hogan orders up a knuckle sandwich for DiBiase.

Kick - The Hulkster deposits a good too into Million Dollar Man.

Chop - Also knowns as a "knife edge", Hogan uses the flat and edge of his stiff hand and delivers a sharp, karate-like blow to DiBiase's chest.

Wristlock - Hogan pours on the pain as he keeps the "Million Dollar Man" locked up.

Elbow - Hulk drives his elbow intoDiBiase's pampered body. What a way to make a living!


Bodyslam - Hogan hoists DiBiase into the air and slams him into the canvas.

Clothesline - The Champ catches Ted across the chest with an extended right arm and delivers a shot that could be felt all the way to DiBiase's summer residence!

Giant Boot - The Hulkster sends DiBiase into the ropes, then lifts his huge right foot in time for the "Million Dollar Man" to run right into it!

Atomic Drop - Hogan lifts DiBiase onto his shoulder and brings him crashing down, assets-first, on his knee. Hogan may not be a chiropractor, but he can sure rearrange a spine!


Legbomb - The most awesome legdrop in wrestling turns the "Million Dollar Man" into the "Million Dollar Pancake!" But can he hold him for the 3-count?

Special Event

Once again, the Hulkamaniacs inspire their Champion to new heights. How does he make his meck get so big anyway?

"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase


Chop - DiBiase attempts to cut Hulkster down to size with a series of vicious knife-edged blows.

Head Smash - "Million Dollar Man" drives Hogan's head into the turnbuckles over and over.

Chinlock - A rear chinlock keeps Hogan off his feet and wears him down at the same time.

Punch - Fist vs. Face. Fist wins.

Armlock - DiBiase keeps the pressure on by trapping Hogan's huge python-like arm in his grip.


Kneedrop - DiBiase leaps high in the air and lands, knee-first, on a prone Champion. Whoof!

Elbow Smash - DiBiase is skilled in the use of his elbow to deliver punishment.

Clothesline - Though his arms aren't as big as the Hulk's, DiBiase knows how to get maximum use out of what he has. He catches Hogan perfectly her, knocking the Champ off his feet with a stiff arm job!

Wall Street Stomp - Just cause a guy's got money doesn't mean he can't stomp! DiBiase puts the boots to the Champ here.


The Crash - One of the many finishers employed by the "Million Dollar Man", the Crash is a fist-drop maneuver in which DiBiase falls toward his prone victim with his fists cocked so that it makes contact with Hogan's chin as he lands.

Special Event

Virgil, DiBiase's body-guard, interferes in the match, distracting Hogan while his employer sneaks up from behind!

Strategy - Some Tips
When high on DP's, revert defensive wrestling until the DPs drop below the danger point.

Don't be afraid to use your Special Event (see the section called "Special Event") when your wrestler is in trouble - that's what it's there for.

If your wrestler is low on Power and doesn't seem likely to take the match, wrestle for the draw, especiallt your title is at stake. There's no shame in a tie.

Start out with Basic Moves, until your wrestler has built up sufficient power and inflicted some serious damage, then move on to Major Moves.

Playing slowly and conservatively may not be the best may to win a match. Sure, you can see what your opponent is doing and plan your moves to counter his strategy. But sometimes the best strategy is to be aggressive and keep your opponent hopping. Put the pressure on him by choosing your moves quickly, and he's bound to make a fatal mistake.

A Note for Retailers
The Computer Manager vs. Computer Manager mode can be used as a Demo Mode. Interviews, ring entrances, and an actual match will be displayed. At the conclusion of the demonstartion match, the cycle begins again, but each match played will be different. For full instructions on setting up the game for computer versus computer play, see the sections under "MicroLeague Wrestling" on pages 7-10.