Milk Race
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

An internationally acclaimed event in world cycle racing, the Milk Race is becoming increasingly popular every year. In May cycling nations from all over the world send their best competitors to England for the 1000 mile trek around the country, and more and more spectators turn out to watch every year.

In this superb simulation designed especially to coincide with this years event you will experience every exhilarating and disheartening moment of the race, every pot hole in the road, every crucial bend - not to mention all those moments when you're convinced you're never going to make it over the finishing line!

Starting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the competitors will cycle through the North of England, and down through the Midlands on their way to London for the final all important race to the finishing line. There are a record number of entrants this year, 84 in total, made up of both professional and amateur cyclists so the competition has really hotted up.

As one of the 84 competitors in this years Milk Race you'll need to summon up all your energy and stamina to maintain 1st position over all 13 stages of the race which you must do in order to win. If you've been practising you shouldn't have too many problems, but if you've spent the winter playing computer games and letting your bike get rusty then you had better read our list of helpful pointers. 1. Cycling 1000 miles is no mean feat, so don't start off to quickly. If you over to do it you could end up suffering from exhaustion and be forced to retire from the race.

2. Use your gears to attain the most efficient use of your energy reserves depending on your speed. Pedal rate and the gradient of the road.

3. Picking up milk from the side of the road will provide you with essential extra energy.

4. Potholes in the road, cars and other riders will hinder your progress, so watch out for them.

5. At random points during the race a time trial may be sprung on you. If you fail to complete that section of the in the race in the time you have been alloted you will be eliminated.

Joystick or Keyboard:
Keys can be redifined or use:
[Q] = Up, [A] = Down, [O] = Left & [P] = Right

Pressing [SPACE] will select the gears. Escape aborts the game.

Game controls without using the selector functions:
Up moves the bike up the screen.
Down moves the bike down the screen.
Left decreases the cycling speed.
Right increases the cycling speed.

Games controls with the selector function:
Pressing Up changes up a gear.
Pressing Down changes down a gear.