Miniature Golf
Idea Conceived & Written By: WvMike, Modified & Enhanced By: B29Gunner,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1


Welcome to the Alberts Country Club. This beautiful nine-hole Miniature Golf Course is open and waiting for you!

You should know the rules of the course before you begin play!

To putt the ball, you have to input which way you want to aim it.
There are 8 directions with the ball assumed at * (see below):

2 1 8
3 * 7
4 5 6

Then you must input how hard to hit the ball. The speed should be some number between 0.00 and 5.00. For example, you could hit the ball a relative speed of 3.2

It will take a few tries before you get used to how hard to putt the ball.

Also, there are four types of hazards on the course. You should be aware of what they are and what affect they have on you and your ball.

BLOCKS: These are like walls. You must putt around them.

Yellow traps represent sand. Your ball cannot penetrate through a sand trap. The penalty for landing in the sand is one stroke.

Water: Like sand, these blue hazards will stop your ball. The penalty for landing in water is one stroke.

Uneven surfaces: these red hazards cause the ball to roll in a direction which is unpredictable there is no penalty for hitting this hazard.

You are trying to sink the ball in as few tries as possible. The hole is the black square.

If you hit the ball too hard, it will jump over the hole and continue rolling. It may also change direction, so be sure to hit the ball just hard enough.