Mini Golf
Copyright/Publisher: Pacific Dataworks International, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


Mini Golf is a breath of fresh air; a slice of "holesome" fun and entertainment for up to four players to get hooked on!

Mini Golf by Capcom is 18 holes of realistic, challenging golf, with all of the frustrations and rewards an individual experiences playing this unique game.

Precision-like control of the joystick is required because the player's joystick becomes the golf club. Maybe its a power drive off the tee, hitting out of the "rough," pitching over bunkers or bridging waters with a delicate shot toward the green, right down to dropping the little ball in the cup... skillful management of the joystick must be above par.

Coordination, combined with a special "touch" is required. The players align the ball for accuracy while hitting the ball with just enough power to control the flight and distance of the golf ball. Finishing the 18-hole golf course with the fewest number of strokes... now that is the real challenge!

Join a foursome. Relax. Keep your eye on the ball. Swing free and easy. Don't forget to count all of the strokes!


Mini Golf - licensed by Capcom, is truly maximum fun and entertainment for up to four people, whether playing solo, or teaming-up in competitive matches. Mini Golf is 18 full holes of realistic golf with all of the frustrations and rewards one experiences playing on a championship golf course.

Players will be required to properly address the ball at the right angle to hit the long ball straight down the fairway. Or play the doglegs. There will be occasions when the player must display superb control, manipulating the golf club (joystick) with delicate precision to position, strike, loft, chip and putt the golf ball with high degrees of accuracy.

So Ben, Sam, Arnie or Jack - take a few warm-up swings. Putt a few balls too!

It's all part of this great game...
Mini Golf from Capcom.


The Mini Golf game players control the power of their golf stroke, the direction and distance the ball is to travel withe the movements of the joystick.

Use the joystick to determine the number of players, to position and set-up conditions for action.

Specific joystick movements for certain game-playing action are described in various sections of the documents.

Connect Player 1 joystick in Port #1. Should two persons participate, connect second joystick for Player 2 to Port #2. When more than two individuals compete in Mini Golf, alternating use of joystick 1 and joystick 2 is required.

Players 1 and 3 use joystick Port #1.
Players 2 and 4 use joystick Port #2.


Using Player No. 1 joystick, move up and down to position the arrow next to the golf ball arrangements.

The number of golf balls indicates the number participating in Mini Golf.

To establish number of players, proceed as follows:

1. Position arrow next to the number of golf balls equal to the number of players.

2. Press fire button to enter number of persons playing the game.

The number of Mini Golf players has been set. Now is the time to name the numbered players.

Notice a coloured number and a flashing cursor (-) appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

This signals to enter the name of players. Type up to eight (8) characters of the name.

Press [RETURN] key. Name of player is entered. Mini Golf automatically cues cursor to next player's number for entry of their name.

When more than one person will be playing Mini Golf, follow the above described procedures to name the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 players.

Your joystick is your golf club in Mini Golf. Maneuver the joystick to the left or right (also up or down) to simulate the placement of the club head behind one of the three golf balls on a pad appearing on the screen.

This is addressing the golf ball to line-up the best angle to accurately hit off the tee toward the cup.

Press fire button. A moving cursor (+) will begin whirling around the golf ball. The diameter of the cursor's circular motion will shorten hastly as it gets closer to the ball. Time is of the essence. You must select angle and direction of play by pressing fire button before the cursor reaches the ball. If the cursor reaches golf ball before you hit-off, you lose your turn.

A player's joystick movements to the right and/or left permits the player to decide the power required to hit the golf ball the precise distance, off the tee or on the putting green.

Arrows pointing to the right on screen will increase in number as the player moves the joystick to the right. As the number of arrows increases - so does the power of impacting the golf ball. Moving the joystick left reduces the number of arrows, and the corresponding power of the swing.

Fewer Arrows - Weaker, Lighter Hit.
More Arrows - Stronger, Harder Hit.

After the power of the stroke is determined, continue play by pressing fire button (strike). Follow the same set of rules for every player and all of the 18 holes of Mini Golf.

Stay alert! The moving cursor circulates rapidly around the golf ball after every swing at the ball. Be prepared.


When a player fails to stroke the golf ball into the cup in a given number of attempts, "CONTINUE ???" will appear in screen.

To continue play, press down and hold fire button before counter reaches zero.

Get ready to enjoy Mini Golf. Don't forget to yell F-O-R-R-E !!!


[Q] to quit current game.