Minnesota Fats' Pool Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: HES (Human Engineered Software Corporation), Licensed From:
Bubble Bus, Created By: N. Strange, Documentation By: Jean Martinson,
Release Year: 1984, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

1. Turn off your Commodore 64 computer. Insert Pool Challenge into the cartridge slot on the back of the Commodore 64.

2. Turn on your computer. Turn on your TV set. MINNESOTA FATS' POOL CHALLENGE will immediately appears on your screen.

3. Press any key to see the game choices.

4. Select desired game by pressing the appropriate number.

5. If using a joystick, plug it into Control Port 2.


Chalk up your cue stick! The great MINNESOTA FATS invites you to play any of six game of pool. The object of the game is to make top score, playing singly or in pairs. Games 1, 2 and 3 are for the solo player. Games 4, 5, and 6 are for two players.

There are six colored balls on the left side of the screen, one cue ball (white) on the right side of the screen, and a "+" in the center of the screen. Using the "+" to aim, you can hit any ball with the cue ball. The cursor can be controlled by the joystick or by the function keys on the right side of the computer keyboard.

F1 moves the cursor upward,
F3 downward,
F5 to the left, and
F7 to the right.

If using the joystick, moving it will move the cursor in the direction desired.

In the lower right corner of the screen is a power gauge. This tells you how hard your shot will be when you fire. Power is increased as the indicator moves to the right.

Hit the SPACE BAR to fire when the power gauge is right four your shot. If using the joystick, use the fire button in the same way.

To stop the game, press RUN/STOP and RESTORE at the same time. For a new game, press any key.


GAME 1 - Any Ball, Any Pocket (1 Player)
Hit any ball into any pocket and earn points. Use the least number of shots to attain the highest score.

GAME 2 - Balls In Order (1 Player)
Pocket the numbered balls in sequential order and earn points. Again, fewer shots, more points.

GAME 3 - Ball In Its Pocket (1 Player)
Both balls and pockets are numbered in this game. The object is to shoot the numbered ball into the correspondingly numbered pocket. Fewer shots mean more points.

GAME 4 - Score The Pockets (2 Players)
Sink the numbered ball into the corresponding pocket. If the starting player "scratches," misses a shot, or hits the wrong ball into the wrong pocket, the second player receives two shots instead of one. If the player having two shots scratches or sinks a wrong ball into a wrong pocket, the second shot is lost.

Player 1 then has an additional shot. By continually sinking the numbered balls into the properly numbered pockets, the player continues play until all balls are pocketed. Scoring corresponds to the number on the ball - Ball 1 is 1 points, etc., up to Ball 6 = 6 points. Highest point score is the winner. Points are shown below and to the right of pocket 6.

GAME 5 - Mini Pool (2 Players)
Player 1 sinks a colored ball, that color then becoming player 1's target. To win, the player must sink the other two balls of the color. If the player scratches, the second player gets two shots. No high score for this game.

GAME 6 - Lowest and Highest (2 Players)
Player 1 chooses to sink Ball 1 or 6. If successful, that player then sinks balls in upward numerical order if the first ball is 1, or in downward numerical order if the first ball is 6. Should player 1 scratch or sink a ball out of order, the second player receives an additional shot.

Numerical order (up or down) is shown on lower right portion of screen. No score for this game.

CHOICE 7 - On Second Screen
This displays high scores.

1. To "break" is to use the cue ball to scatter the remaining six balls into good playing positions around the pool table. This is the initial shot of each game.

2. To "scratch" is to sink the cue ball in a pocket. In games with scores, the penalty for this is 5 points.

3. If a function key or the joystick is held for more than a second or two, the cursor ("+") will speed up.