Mondu's Fight Palace
- Tounge Of The Fatman -
Copyright/Publisher: Activision/MST Mindspan, Created By: Brian A. Rice & Mark D. Waterman,
C64 Conversion By: Darren E.Schebek, Art & Animation By: Darren E.Schebek & Mark D.Waterman,
Produced By: Mike Suarez, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Trading Cards: | Mondu the Fat + Slasher | Rex + Puff Boy | Colonoid + Rubic | Freezer + Behemoth | Edwina + Stump |


Getting Started

To load Mondu's FIGHT PALACE into your computer, follow these steps:

1. Plug your joystick(s) into your computer. For a one-player game use port 2.

2. Place the Mondu's Fight Palace disk into your disk drive, label side up.

3. Turn the computer on.

4. When the READY prompt appeats, type:

LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN

Once the game comes up, use your joystick to make your playing choices by moving the indicator over your selection and clicking the fire button.

During game play, you can press RUN/STOP to pause the game. To quit the game, turn off your computer.

If you can't wait to get started, do this:

1. Select the only fighter available to you at this level, Rex the Humanoid, by using your joystick to move the cursor over him and then pressing the fire button.

2. Answer Mondu's query about one of the fighters by looking up the answer on the appropriate trading card. The cards are printed at the back of this book - except Mondu's, which is printed separately.

3. To Bet: At the Wagemaker screen, select BET, then select one of the three time/odds options. Go to BET AMOUNT and choose a number.

4. To buy weapons: Select WEAPONS. Follow Dr.Kadaver's prompts. Select FIGHT.

5. In the pit, you have 16 moves.

6. To use weapons: Weapons appear at the bottom of the screen in four boxes. Use keys F1 through F4 (and 1 through 4 in a two-player game) to activate them.

7. Watch the blue line. When it reaches zero, you'll die after one more punch.

Pickin' a Fighter

Here's how ya pick yer fighter. Look 'em over... take yer time...den throw a light on da one ya want. Ya move da light wid dis here joystick, den hit da fire button when yer ready. Couldn' be easier. 'Course, bein' a newcomer, ya gotta start at da bottom when it comes ta fighters - meanin' Rex, da Humanoid.

Once ya win wid him, ya get ta use a better class' a poozer, and dat's how ya move up in da ranks. An' get dis - once ya move up in class, ya never haveta go below dat class an' use a bad fighter again, even if ya lose da next hunnerd times! Now, if ya lose, ya go back two levels in da type of opponents (butcha ain't gonna lose, are ya?).

After I tellya da rest' a da things ya need ta know, I'll give ya my secret notes on da fighters, but you ain't ready for dat yet. See, ya can't fight dese poozers bare-handed. Nah, ya get ta use weapons. Heck, widdout weapons you might's well slit yer own throat 'n' be done widdit. Let's go on over to Doctor Kadaver's Weapons.

Pickin' a Weapon

See, da Doc's git it all set up for ya - he's gotta run a lotta poozers thru his place every night. Ya use da joystick ta light up da WEAPONS panel, den press da fire button ta go ta da Doc's. Press da fire button again ta see the first set'a weapons - dere's three or four sets, o' da weirdest stuff ya ever lamped. An' don't forget da Daily Special. Dey change every fight, and some'a dem make da regular stuff look sad.

But since ya won't unnerstan' any'a da weapons, ya can get a description (an' da cost!) by moving' da cursor over da thing 'n' pressin'...guess what? Da fire button! Dat's right!

Ya wanna buy a weapon, ya light up YES, den press da fire button. Ya wanna look a little more, ya do da same wid NO 'n' move on. Dere's only a coupl'a rules ta tie ya up here: ya can only buy four weapons ('cause somebody somewhere's got a bleedin' heart!), and ya can't look at weapons ya can't afford ta buy (dat's da Doc's rule).

Now you, you only got a thousan' bucks. Dat ain't gonna getcha any'a da really good stuff here. Whatchu gotta do is make do wid da cheaper weapons an' hope like heck ya can beat a few'a da wimpadrones out dere. Dat way ya can wim some bucks from da Wagemaker 'n' afford da stuff wid real throw-weight.

Wagemaker? Well, from da Doc's ya can head straight on out ta da ring by lightin' up FIGHT, but heck, what's da point o' fightin' if ya ain't put some money down on it? Dat's why I think ya wanna go ta da Wagemaker's first. So let's do BETS.

But first, remember dis: just in case ya lose yer fight...da Doc can bring ya back ta life 'n' sendja back out again, for a fast hunnerd bucks. I know ya ain't gonna lose, but...well...maybe ya wanna hold onta dat hunnerd...just in case...

Placin Yer Bets

Now da Wagemake, he can take all da rest'a yer money, 'n' give ya some sort'a odds on yer fight. Here's da way dat works.

First ya light up the WIN TIME-FIGHT ODDS panel 'n' pick whatcha want, usin' da joystick 'n' fire button. See, da odds're based on d'amount'a time you think you'll need ta beat da udder pooz. Da odds go up da less time ya choose, but if da guy lasts longer dan ya choose, ya lose da bet. Winnin' or losin' da fight's anudder thing entirely. Winnin' da fight is good; winnin' da fight in da right amount'a time is da best.

Dis bettin' stuff works better if ya know who yer fighting', an' da Wagemaker can tellya dat. Just light up OPPONENT BIO. An' don't let whatcha read freak ya-dey try ta make everybody sound invincible. Just remember dat dey all lie aroun' here...a little...

Okay, once ya figgered out da odda 'n' time, ya light up da BET AMOUNT panel, an' ya, uh, pick an amount ta bet.

Da Fight Palace Its Own Self

All right, it's time ta have a look at da Fight Palace itself. First thing, check out da Fighter Monitors. Dere's four parts--

Da green line at da top shows da tide'a battle. Whoever's winnin' line gets longer while whoever's losin's line gets shorter.

Da blue line in da middle shows how long a life da fighter's got left. Da shorter it is, da more trouble he's in - an' when it's gone, he can only take one more hit before he's history.

An' da red line at da bottom shows how effective da fighter's attack is - da shorter it gets, da less damage he's doin'. Usually dat happens when ya keep throwin' da some punch over 'n' over, 'cause da udder guy gets used ta da punch an' it stops hurtin' 'im. So throw ev'rything ya got at yer opponent, okay?

When yer usin' a weapon, its pichure'll flash, an' if it's a visible weapon, you'll see it in yer fighter's hand - that's how you'll know whatchur doin', in case ya start ta black out.

Joysticks 'n' F-buttons

Okay? Now, when ya get inta da pit widjer opponent, ya deal wid 'im by usin' yer joystick. When yer facin' ta da right, it works like dis:

Button Up
[LEFT+UP] - Shove
[UP] - Jump
[UP+RIGHT] - High Block
[RIGHT] - Back
[RIGHT+DOWN] - Low Block
[DOWN] - Duck
[DOWN+LEFT] - Throw
[LEFT] - Forward

Button Down
[LEFT+UP] - Punch (In Direction)
[UP] - High Kick
[UP+RIGHT] - Punch (In Direction)
[RIGHT] - Back Flip
[RIGHT+DOWN] - Flip Opposite Direction
[DOWN] - Low Kick
[DOWN+LEFT] - Forward Flip
[LEFT] - Special Move

An' when yer facin' ta da left it's reversed.
Don't worry - you'll get da hang of it.
Den when it's time for hardware, ya use yer weapons by pushin' da buttons shown here.
[F1] [F3] [F5] [F7] Simple, huh?

Two-Fighter Game
If yer opponent is usin' yer computer, too, he uses his weapons wid da keys 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Da Fighters

Yeah, it's pretty simple. So now datcha know howta fight, here's m' notes ta help ya pick who ya wanna be when ya fight. Y'can keep dese cards, so ya'll always be ready for da Fight Palace.
Trading Cards:
| Mondu the Fat + Slasher | Rex + Puff Boy |
Colonoid + Rubic | Freezer + Behemoth | Edwina + Stump |


I think da best weapon's da MultiMax 764, which doubles yer strength. An' here's a real hot tip: use it twice and it'll double yer double!

Problem is, it costs 999 bucks, an' as a newcomer, you only got a thousand' so den ya can't bet nothin'. An' if ya can't bet nothin', ya can't win enough money ta buy anything else ever. Kinda tough, huh?

Da Grease Slime 'n' da Wheel o' Pain are good, too, an' dey don't cost so much.

In da early fights, da Weapon-Hands a' Sutmar can easily kill poozers in less dan 30 seconds.