Motorbike Madness
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

It's trials time and you take the role of an ace rough- track rider. Competing against real or computer-driven opponents on a series of tricky and dangerous courses, can you constantly achieve the best time and walk away with the prize money?

The action takes place in the mountains on the roughest, meanest slopes imaginable, and features courses made up of hazards that will test the brains, courage and biking knowledge of the most experienced trials rider. You are the best in your league can you keep that position?

Steer your machine around treacherous obstacles including pools of water, abandoned vehicles, slippery poles and strategically placed jumps, but take care just as in real life, damage to your bike affects its performance. Repairs cost money... when you've won a contest, the last thing you want to do is spend the prize money on is a new set of shock absorbers!

The Challenge
The stages of the knockout contest are raced on a downhill mountain slope, littered with potential hazards. To proceed to the next stage, the course has to be completed within the time limit. That in itself is a challenge, but you also need to earn enough points to qualify in the knockout league, the rider who comes last in each race is automatically disqualified...

Judge your approach to the hazards correctly, and collect points for negotiating them successfully. Each hazard needs to be tackled in the right way if success is to be yours. Slippery poles, for instance, need to be approached carefully, with the bike well-balanced; jumps, on the other hand need to be taken at the right speed id the landing is to be safe. Make a mistake and you are thrown off your bike; vital time is wasted as you recover and remount, and the bike gets damaged in a fall.

Falls and crashes affect your machine's handling. As the race progresses, the bike's condition is displayed on-screen: it starts out as a bright, shiny machine but in the hands of an incompetent rider it can soon end up as a battered, incomplete heap of scrap. Damage is progressive as you sustain more and more knocks, beginning with scratches and dents, the mechanical condition deteriorates until parts start to fall off.

A countdown clock shows the time remaining in which the current course has to be completed take too long and disqualification is the result. A fast time earns a bonus the surplus time is multiplied up by a factor that depends on the level of the game, and the total is added to your score.

Prize money is awarded at the end of each round and winnings are added to your cash reserves on screen. Before the next round starts you can upgrade your machine with repairs and spare parts so long as you have the money. Select the item or service you require from the repair screen and the cost is deducted automatically from your bank balance.

The part is fitted or the repairs effected immediately and the performance of your bike improves instantly. If the bike is really battered and you have a lot of money in the bank, you can always buy a brand new machine... Remember you can only buy what you can afford: the garage doesn't give credit in this game!

Get used to the controls by practising with the clock option off.

Note that as it's a downhill race, there's no backtracking: you only get one attempt to each hazard on the way down the hill. If you're too cautious with the throttle you'll never complete the round in time...

Ready to race? Then helmet on, ignition on, and you're off!

UP - Accelerate
DOWN - Decelerate
LEFT - Turn left
RIGHT - Turn right
FIRE - Wheelie


The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Mastertronic and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Mastertronic. All rights reserved.
(c) Mastertronic Limited 1988
Made in Great Britain
Design: Words and Pictures Ltd. London