Motorcycle 500
Copyright/Publisher: Cult Games, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Managing your two motorcycles and chosen riders around the world Grand Prix isn't an easy job. You must keep your directors and sponsors happy, by winning the races. Keeping your bike in peek condition will help you along the way.

Before a race can be entered, the fee for the race must be paid. Select race prep and select the bike pay the fee and fill up with fuel. This must be done for the bike or bikes that will race. If any improvements are to be made to the bike select workshop and choose the bike to improve.

SC = Success Rating
FM = Present Form
AV = Average

N = Number of Bike

B = Bet

View GP's
F+F = Fare'n Fee

H = Hire
SK = Skill
P/SESN = Price Per Season

Hold down either [1] or [2] until the border changes colour, to pull a bike into the pits. Holding down [L] will switch leaderboard.
CD = Condition Of Bike
B = Bet
TIC = Bet Placed On
F = Favourite

On Leaderboard
LPTI = Last Lap Time
+TI = Time Rider Is Behind The Leader.