Motor Mania
Copyright/Publisher: UMI, Created By: John Fitzpatrick, Music By: John Fitzpatrick,
Release Year: 1982, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


* Joystick Controlled for Better Handling
* Realistic Road Hazards
* Full Instrument Panel
* Variety of Road Conditions
* Gas Stations
* Ten Skill Levels
* Remembers Best Score
* Two Standard Maps and One Random Map Section


1. Power up the computer.
2. Type in LOAD"*",8
3. Press RETURN, the computer responds with SEARCHING FOR *, LOADING, READY.
4. When the screen again fills and "READY" appears, then type in RUN and press RETURN.
5. Press the joystick forward to advance the skill level.
6. When you are ready to go press the "FIRE BUTTON" and fasten your seatbelt!
7. Operating Displays:

SPEEDOMETER: Shows the speed of the car, up to 80mph.

ODOMETER: Shows score in miles.

FUEL: Shows condition of gas tank. If you run out, then you lose your car.

GENERATOR: Shows the strength of battery. The battery is recharged at 80mph and gets weaker at lower speeds. When the generator reaches zero, you lose your car.

HOT LIGHT: Usually comes on after hitting log.

OIL: Usually comes on after HOT light.

SPARE TIRE: Tells if you have a spare remaining.

GARAGE COUNT: Number of cars remaining. 8. Road Encounters
When you are low on fuel or have car trouble, pull in to the right of the pump and press the "FIRE BUTTON" on the joystick for a refill and repair work.

On the THREE LANE ROAD you must avoid the following hazards:
* hitting the CURB or another car will use up your current car.
* POTHOLES cause erratic steerinn and
* ROAD PATCHES slow the car down.
* running over BROKEN GLASS gives you a flat, but if you have a spare, then your car will coast to a stop and the flat tire will be changed (if there is no spare, you will lose your current car).
* LOGS damage your radiator and slow you down and you'll overheat if you can't find a gas station to get your radiator fixed.

On the TWO LANE ROAD, you must avoid BOULDERS and CROSS TRAFFIC, both of which destroy your current car.

On the DIRT ROAD, the steering is erratic, and if you drive on the GRASS, you'll lose your current car. If you drive too slow, the generator will get weaker.


The odometer shows your score as how many miles you have traveled. Bonus miles are awarded as follows:
* 1 mile for each hazard avoided
* 10 miles for each car passsed
* 100 miles for each gas station that you don't pull into
* 1000 miles for each mal section completed
* 1 extra var for every 5000 miles, or 10.000 miles if there are four cars in the garage.