Copyright/Publisher By: Laboratorium Komputerowe APM/Krysal, Programmed By: Artur Miarecki,
Graphics & Music By: Tomasz Luszcz, Genre: Mixed Sports, Release Year: 1994, Number Of Players: 1


Load the main game, type run and press space in intro. In little screen press fire to start game or space for hall of fame (otherwise called as hall of the best shooters). After pressing fire, you must type your own name or nickname, press return when done.

Now you are on shootingbox and you must kill targets available. When your score likes 700 points or more then you get first mission. Don't worry. Your work is easy, you must kill all unfriendly persons on the screen, but remember: if any man shoot to you, then you can kill himself.

Thief in chimney is your friend, don't kill him! If your first mission is completed you must go to the shooting place, and you can select weapon menu you must select two of weapons (one by pressing fire, second by space). And now you will go to another mission.