Oklahoma Kid
Copyright/Publisher By: CP Verlag, Coding & Graphics By: Matt of Maniac Arts
Department (MAD), Genre: Shooting, Release Year: 1996, Number Of Players: 1

The Story

It's the annual fair in greenham gulch! Everyone is drinking, square-dancing, rodeo-riding or horseshoe-tossing...

But this year a new attraction has come to the town!! It's a shooting gallery where you can shoot on mechanical geese, hearts and bottles!!

And so it's your turn, oklahoma kid!! You've got the reputation of being a hotshot with a great puss and nothing more.... even your beloved girl starts looking after other cowboys, who had done great deeds. So prove yourself and win the great trophy and your girlie back!!


The primary target of this game is to get as many points as possible, by shooting the geese. Each goose will gain 100 points.

But don't think it will be that easy!! You only have a limited amount of munition and your time isn't endless, too.

For each bottle, you'll get a time bonus and a heart will give you some extra munition!!